Catching catfish in the wiring

With the onset of summer catfish begins to feed actively. There are different ways of fishing, but today I would like to tell you how to catch catfish using known to all anglers way, such as fishing in the wiring.

Choose the suitable for catching catfish section of the river. This site must be snag and have washed banks. Find your favorite catfish of shelters is a major factor in successful fishing.

So, found a place, and you can start posting using zhivtsovy bait. But there are some nuances. The equipment must be adjusted depending on the condition of the river bottom. If the bottom is heavily zakoryazhennyh, the cargo must be secured below the main leash, and fishing line is much smaller diameter than the diameter of the main line. When using this method of attachment, the goods if he is not prone to hook (olive ball) passes easily through the underwater obstacles. And in the grip of soma, a leash with a sinker is easily torn at the toe for snags, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful fish playing. Because the equipment has become less susceptible to hook.

If the area of the bottom, where you catch, has no snags, and other obstacles can be caught without using a snap-in bottom mounted sinkers. Using the normal way and letting the bait near the bottom, itology, and even at the surface of the water.

This exciting method of catching catfish in the wiring showed bad results when fishing on the rivers Akhtuba and Lower Volga, and in the ducts of the Volga Delta while sailing snap live bait along the borders of the reeds. Som has successfully been caught, attacking baitfish right out of the ambush near the shore. It should be noted that the depths in these areas should be between 2 to 4 meters. When fishing in zakoryazhennyh places som quite often confuses the tackle, and the angler remains without a catch, but in any case, float tackle much better market, the number of hooks was happening to her less and the fishing becomes more emotional and reckless.

When fishing for catfish prefer modern, powerful carp rods, allowing you to accurately make a throw when fishing in wiring, but also effectively and without loss to draw out the caught fish.

Always when fishing for catfish from the shore and from a boat it is better to catch together with a partner. In this case, each in control of his tackle, and in the case of biting catfish cleans his rod and gives help when playing a fish.

Excellent results float fishing in the wiring gives the morning and evening hours when there is no wind and waves on the pond. Upon the occurrence of such weather conditions som starts actively hunting, often rising to the surface of the pond.

To catch catfish on the float tackle is not uncommon, because this simple method of fishing gives you the opportunity to catch a big one in a variety of conditions. Fishing becomes very exciting and addictive! Try it yourself and vote result!

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