Catching catfish in the spring

As we know som spends the winter hibernating in your favorite pits. With the arrival of spring when the water warms up a little, he slowly begins to feed.

After hibernation som starts to behave more actively when the water warms up to ten degrees Celsius or more. The biting depends on the spring weather conditions, it can begin as early as April and may. In early spring catfish not sail far from their winter holes. In early spring you can try to catch at shallow depths, as the fish often swims up to the shallows to bask under the warm rays of the sun. On clear warm days of spring you can fish from morning till evening, but the night bite is unlikely.

In the spawning period increases the appetite and the biting is getting better. Begins spawning in may when water temperature warms up to sixteen — eighteen degrees above zero. The advantage of about 14-22 days followed by a rest. After a time, begins a very severe famine, in which the fishermen can get unforgettable memories about fishing.

In April and may, the catfish bite is unstable, as the weather is constantly changing. Spring is catching catfish on trotlines or rod and reel, but the rod should be of very high quality and durable.

Coil put cheap models, and baitcasting. The line is used with a strength up to fifty pounds. In the spring it is better to catch from a boat on a Donk, equipping as well as spinning, only at the end attach a sinker about thirty grams, and a good hook.

Many fishermen say that ranges baubles already obsolete, but in vain. It can be carried in different layers of water, as it has planning features. Wide and lightweight spoons may apply when fishing in shallow water, leading it to the topmost layer. Also when fishing on spinning, you can apply the jig. It is also a good weapon when fishing at great depths, to choose the right silicone nozzle with a jig head.

For fishing in the spring to apply a variety of bait and lures. The most affordable is the worm that you can dig up yourself. Implanted whole bunch of them. You can also use a variety of insects such as locusts or mole cricket., cling on the hook for 3-4 pieces.

If the reservoir is shellfish, then try to catch on the shell. To wear soft body on the hook you need at random. Can also be used as bait frog or cancer that can be caught in the same pond.

Find this predator can be among the submerged trees or snags that are near with great depth.

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