Catching carp on the float rod

Carp — fish is delicate and beautiful in appearance. Fewer advantages have and its meat. It is tasty and very nutritious. Catching it is not associated with any special difficulties, but also to catch him not so easy. Especially for novice anglers, who, because of their inexperience, do not know all the subtleties and nuances.

In virtue of strange reasons, using a fishing rod with a float, but when fishing it on a rod with a float, it shows its highest activity. Going on a fish hunt this fish, you need to find a place where the fishing will be most successful.

The choice of location

The activity of this fish depends on the weather. This does not mean that in bad weather she will not bite. Peck, even when the weather turned bad, but, unfortunately, not so effectively. The whole reason lies in the abrupt change of temperature indicators. While the white Amur is depth. While such pattern is observed in which at this place yesterday, the bite was great, and today the bites are very rare or not at all. Some people start to sin on the quality and type of bait, and you just have to look for another place. Such that the weather turned bad and loves this fish place with the hollows, and it should be found there. With the onset of warming the picture changes dramatically. It becomes most active in shallow water.

If the weather conditions are stable, the favorite places of its habitat are:

— bays with dense thickets of reeds on the shore;

— parts of the reservoir with differences of depths;

— all sorts of «Windows» in the thickets of aquatic vegetation;

— a shrub in the water.

To choose a suitable place is only half the business. It must be well fed. If this is not done, then a good fishing experience are unlikely to have. A special feature of lure is the need for its excess. The more bait, the more chances for success will be given to the fisherman. Mouth grass carp resembles a vacuum cleaner. He draws them any food that comes his his way. From the fed it will never disappear until, until you drain every last bit of it. Fishing in this place will be a pleasure. If, in spite of abundant feeding, the bites still there, you should look for a place with a different depth.


Some anglers believe that hunting this fish should only be carried out on bait, which is of an extraordinary nature, such as cucumber or cabbage. It is not so. To bite he will be good and usual bait type of manure worm, peas or corn. If the habitat of the grass carp’s a lot of fish like carp, then to bite it first. He is very cautious at first and observe the behavior of the carp. If the problem takes the bait, and he will do the same. And again, we should not forget about the bait, it necessarily will find it. Small individuals of this species, in General, can peck at the manure worm or peas.

In order to make fishing more efficient, you can try to fish with multiple rods. First, you need to try my luck using as bait, say, a cucumber. If he have the liking of such food, the fishing will be good. In addition, the attention of fisherman, other fish will not detract, because this kind of bait it does not interest, and peck will be exclusively white Amur.

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