Catching carp on the Donk

For any fisherman it is no secret that carp are very strong fish and, therefore, bottom fishing for carp it is necessary to choose strong enough.

For catching carp Donkand is a coil. The coil is mounted to the ratchet. Take a look at the components of this gear.

Fishing line used should have a length of 90 -110 m cross-Section must take at least 0.5, (depends on what species are found in a particular reservoir). Well, if you have a boat, then a ground rod to the place deliver on it. If no boat, then you need a small sliding sinker. And it is better to not use weights and feeders are open.

Snaps 2 hooks, length of leads of 20 to 25 cm leashes are Made of braids. Such a set is much softer. The carp is a very cautious fish, but taking the offered bait on this leash almost does not feel the resistance of the line. To disguise its good to paint in a dark color (e.g. dark green).

Hooks for carp fishing that you need to take a fairly large (No. 11). It is possible and more.

The basics of catching carp on the Donk

Usually fished on a few donok. Fish, as a rule, podscasts itself, you define the moment, when the coil is crackling. As the fish is strong enough, it is very important that Donka was able to withstand the first pull. In this case, almost certainly a fisherman will add to your catch.

Where to throw the tackle?

To throw tackle in deep space. Beware of submerged boulders and driftwood : fish can easily get back your tackle and break the line of the donkey.


Well as a nozzle suitable steamed peas. It does not take the smallest sizes or skewer at several (2-3 pieces) for each hook (if pea seeds are small). There are peas, in the form of a cube – it is considered the best and productive at catching carp. Who was eating, he knows that he’s not very good, but the fish in spite of everything really likes it.


You can think of and not to reinvent the wheel, and as the bait to use peas, and a little worse than on the nozzle, and not even dovarenny. Or too overcooked peas, which will not stay on the hook. All this to mix and knead the water from the pond where you can fish for carp. So to do the kneading better fishing spot.

After you install the donkey, immediately lures place, and the more territory you cover, the better: don’t throw the bait in one big clot. Divide it into 3-4 sqm, the effect will be much greater.

Some anglers instead of cooked peas used pickled peas and canned corn. Do not buy so-called «horse», the fish can’t stand.

Other methods of carp fishing

Sometimes for carp fishing using «Makushenko». In principle, this is a common ground, but there is a significant difference. In this case, as bait use sunflower meal. The cake is formed and pressed into disc form. It is cut in such a way that the height of the cut piece was the same as the thickness of the disc.

Sinker is equipped with a loop through which is fastened a piece of cake. Hooks are immersed in the meal that on the surface there was nothing and no injected fish. Absolutely nothing suspecting carp eats the bait, and the hooks are thrown as all of the debris through their gills. It is here that he himself and touches.

There is another type of fishing line for carp fishing– «the box». There as bait use the dough or porridge. The dough is usually made on the basis of biscuits, cake and soaked bread. The bait is stuffed in a box or a spring (hence the name) with no dissolved material.

It should not have any odor. Hooks should be placed so that they were easily absorbed by the fish. Well, then the scheme is the same as for «maquette»: the carp itself pinpoint, and you just have to get her out.

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