Catching carp in winter

Carp are very curious fish. Every fisherman wants to catch that fish, and those who did proudly tell their friends and companions, how it happened.


Carp is a freshwater fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae. This fish is very beautiful, with large dark yellow-Golden scales.

First sight of the carp, especially the young, may be confused with carp, but the carp body more thick and long, and on the lips there are 4 barbels. From the carp wide upper fin is dark grey, it has a serrated, saw-tooth front beam, this beam is very strong and is able to cut the line. There are usually carp 1-2 kg, but some specimens weighing up to 20 kg, the Average life expectancy of carp about 30 years.

Tackle used for catching carp in the winter.

Fishing for carp in winter will be more effective if you apply winter gear, equipped with a float and a bait casting reel. You can certainly use spinning reels, but such reels do not work well in sub-zero temperatures, which brings a lot of inconvenience when fishing. You can also use bezoblachnoe tackle using the alerter bite, but this gear is needed to keep the line taut. For catching carp recommended thickness of the fishing line 0.2-0.25 mm, braided cords 0,04-0,06 mm Hooks it is desirable to use a 9-12 rooms. Winter carp also caught on minnow and jig. During winter thaws, it is more convenient to use a float of small size, sliding type. In the cold the gear would be more efficient to work with flat float type “ tablet “.


Winter carp caught on a bait like maggots, bloodworm and worm and a piece of potato, bread crust, barley, corn. In such nozzles, as bloodworm and maggot, there is a drawback, as the constant attacks on them small fish. The best results are obtained by fishing at strawberry and honey baits. For winter fishing for carp it is recommended to use bait, such as “ Carp-Crucian carp “.

Choose a place for fishing.

To fishing was successful, you need to find feeding carp. Carp, like most fish prefer to look for food in places enriched with oxygen. Search carp need at intermediate depths, preferably away from the coast. Carp love feeding in places where summer is growing some sort of vegetation. Still, it is worth noting that the best results in winter, gives the angler during the thaw.

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