Catching carp in the fall

Autumn can be cold, rainy and windy, and, maybe, heat, rain and wind.

So going to the autumn fishing should take into account the characteristics of the reservoir, weather conditions and how the fish behaves in the pond where we want to fish. Carp capricious and unpredictable fish and this should be considered during fishing in the fall.

We assume September is still a warm summer month, October is cool with the first frost. And November is a cold winter month, with the first snow and ice on the ponds.

Where in autumn you can find carp

Crucian carp in September, continues to live in the summer, so feed and roam in familiar places and have not yet changed their habits. The main nozzles at this time, the animal head maggot, worm, bloodworm.

October is the time when it begins to die off, the vegetation in the pond, carp begins to move to areas with warmer water is shallow water, warmed by the sun, to the depth of the pit, where he remained warm.

In November he moved to wintering holes. If the pond is heavily silted, the fish buries itself in the mud and through the winter it hibernates. When the sludge to use as a shelter cannot Karas begins a nomadic life. And you can find it from the snags and bushes, submerged in water.

Bait and bait for fishing

Autumn carp feeds on animal food. Therefore, on cold days in the fall, he biting well on bloodworms.

Bait in early fall, use the summer, but its amount decreases. Its task is to initiate a carp appetite. It is therefore necessary to use a fine groundbait and loose with adding flavors.

In October, the carp does not respond to the bait. The Foundation of bait at this time is the Joker.

In the late fall bait becomes ineffective. The fishermen have a saying that «the water is cleaner and colder, carp to lure and catch has no chance. In November, this sign becomes the Supreme law.


With the arrival of autumn carp continues for some time behaves as in summer. So it is used catching summer outfit, but more delicate and thinner due to the cold snap.

• hook — small;

• leash — with thin and long fishing line;

• float is the most sensitive.

In October, bottom snap-exclude at all. Biting can only be seen using a light, sporty bobber.

In November, the best tackle for catching him will primary is the fishing rod with a very light float.

And with the advent of ice you can use winter equipment.

It should be noted that all described refers to the average of the reservoir. There are many exceptions.

Carp — unpredictable, changeable fish. Different can be habitat and food. The main task during the autumn fishing for carp to take into account all these nuances.

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