Catching carp in October

Carp is a wild river conventional counterpart cultivated carp, and fishing for this species of fish is something special, most significant among fishing in the other river inhabitants. This fish is very cunning and cautious, it does not compare with the same carp; carp grows to a decent size, and the strength is superior to other forms, who grew up in the quiet ponds and lakes. After all the stern regime in the river differs in that it is more difficult, besides, here there for. Why fishing for carp can become much more complicated, as this fish represents almost one muscle. Often, when a good bite those same muscles to resist to the last and crush any tackle.


Catching carp in October is different because this time the fish is kept in rivers adjacent to large wintering holes. Carp walks along the coast and near the wells, and especially many representatives of this species can be found on sites of the rivers under the cliffs, where the trees stand in the water. Catching carp in October — almost the last chance to make a good catch, after all, closer to the ice, and in early November, the carp will go into the pit and caught stop.

Greater chances for successful carp fishing in October is on those parts of the coast that are heavily littered with trees nearby or with whom there is a deep pit, especially if these areas clayey or sandy bottom and there is a colony of snails. In autumn, the carp are not moving away from the deep channel, in contrast to the summer period when the fish is active visitor of the shallow water.

Especially nice to catch carp in places that are completely littered with snags and trees. It can be catch as fallen trees, near shore and from the boat, standing on the edge of the riverbed or channel, depending on how big the size of the river. Thus it is necessary to be careful, because, as mentioned earlier, carp are extremely careful, and thus, it is likely that he will notice a shadow or find the cable. Therefore, when fishing for carp in October, should get on shore, somewhere near a cliff. Although to maneuver the rod in this position is not easy, every carp caught would be incredibly valuable, and fishing will leave an unforgettable impression.


When choosing tackle for catching carp should be guided by the fact that this fish species is not straightforward: from the carp good vision, and is not to pick too thick fishing line that will fit the color of the pond. In this case the fishing line must also be very thin, because, as you already know, carp — the fish is large, so will be able to break this line into two accounts. Based on the above characteristics of the fish, it can be concluded that for fishing, you should choose a quality winter gear, adjust the clutch coils and to take the landing net to get the carp with it.


Of bait suitable for catching carp in October, you can celebrate worms, mussels or snails, and plant tips, such as barley porridge, beans, boiled corn.

Thus, for the fall fishing should only have a good and powerful float rod with carrying rings and a coil, or get a bottom feeder, collected on the basis of spinning. Fishing for carp in this period should be carried out closer to the sunken snags and trees, because in such places, the carp will behave much bolder.


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