Catching carp in November

catching carp in November

Carp – coveted trophy, the dream of every fisherman, regardless of experience and skill level. Catching this fish requires certain skills and abilities which makes this type of fishing is very interesting, especially in November.

November – the last month of autumn, ice yet, but fishermen are already preparing for winter fishing and only a few know that it was at this time, you can «vimerit» trophy carp. Before winter, member of the family «Cyprinidae», fattens fat, to feel comfortable in the icy water.

The place for carp fishing in November

It is very important to choose the proper place to catch fish. Getting closer to winter, the carp becomes slow and very careful. Mostly fishing occurs in private ponds, with a relatively small size. Also, you can go to the «savages», where the chance to find a record of individuals increases. Carp, can stand in the shore – reeds, snags and deep wintering holes. In addition, a great option for fishing in the fall – ponds with steep coast (cliffs).

What bite carp in November?

Trying to work up as much fat, the carp does not shrink and eats everything does not goes through the «classic» tips: barley, potatoes, corn, peas. Particular preference is given to nutrients: manure worm, the maggot of the moth. Worms carefully put the bait on the hook, trying to keep them alive and moving. Being in the water and wriggling on the hook, the worm increases the chances of a bite.

Than to overfeed?

Versions of baits can be made different. Now here are some of them:

Basic bait.

The basic principle of such bait – a big bait spot that is created on the bottom of the pond. Thanks to the fine structure, the bait in an instant dissolves on the bottom, luring, eat carp. Basically, the main ingredients – milk and breadcrumbs.

  • Bait animal origin. The composition of the bait includes maggots, moths and worms. They are added whole or chopped pieces.
  • Boilie – bait, which is fixed directly on the hook. This boilie is a mix of various components, such as dyes and fragrances, starch, garlic, cinnamon, fish oil and flour, and cereals. Today the market offers a wide selection of boilies. In a difficult financial position, it is not much effort to make protein balls for myself.
  • Fruit bait. For such mixtures, examples are fruits, mashed or cut into small pieces. Fruit trees very often grow on the steep banks. The fruits fall to the introduction, what really attracted aquatic fauna. Therefore, the use of this bait is very productive.

I hope that this article will be useful both for beginners and anglers with some experience. No tail, no scales!

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