Catching carp in July

Carp – a bright representative of the carp family, lives in the basins of the Black, Caspian, Aral, and Azov seas, lakes Ballah and Kapchagay of the Amur river. To catch carp – the dream of every fisherman. And such that after fishing with a gleam in his eyes to tell my friends how big he was and strong that hand is not enough to get him out. The fishing season for carp starts in July. This is the lesson that is remembered for a long time, because to get a fish not so easy. Carp – fish-fighter who is fighting for her life to end. So in preparation for catching carp in July is necessary to consider all the details.

Fishing equipment.

In order to catch carp, you need to have a powerful rod-type fiberglass with a tight apex. This rod should be more than 6 metres in length and with a maximum heavy weight. Not every fisherman will be able to make casts that Odilon. But the undoubted advantage is its reliability. An alternative to the fiberglass rod can be a rod made of composite materials. It is lighter but at the same time you have to be careful when using it.

Coil is the second important element in modern fishing gear. Reels for catching carp in July there should be two: for braided and monofilament line. When choosing them you need to pay close attention to the presence of friction brakes. Like the rod, it needs to be durable, mildly regulated, the sudden overload to operate smoothly. The presence of the coil of a mechanism such as the backstop, which instantly triggered when the power playing carp, will provide a «long life» mechanisms of the coil, protecting it from the strong sharp load.

The choice of fishing line should be approached no less responsible than the choice of the coil. Various methods of catching carp in July, put forward specific requirements for the scaffold, determined by its features. The most important criterion is, perhaps, the minimum diameter of the line and its breaking load 5-7 kg this scaffold is able to withstand the powerful jerks of fish. Modern ideas about the color of the line are very different from those which were a few decades ago. Special studies have shown that certain species of fish react to a certain spectrum of colors. For carp specially dyed fishing line is not needed, it may be transparent.

Fishhook – an indispensable tool used in fishing gear. For catching carp in July required the so-called carp hooks. They need to have several pieces in case of snags and cliffs of fishing line with a hook for catching fish.

The choice of location for fishing.

After collecting all the gear, you need to find the habitat of the carp. It can be a steep steep banks with fallen trees and big holes between the fallen trees. Near the coastline, with dense snags can catch small members of the carp.

Locations for catching carp in July, it is better to choose early morning or evening, when carp splashing on the water surface and see better.

The use of bait.

Bait is used to collect located in the area of fishing fish. The basic principle of this procedure is better to Supplement than to overfeed. For catching carp in July, the bait needs to be large to small fish are unable to swallow it, with a content of barley, wheat or corn. A very important component of the mixture are aromatic additives. It can be cinnamon, coriander, anise oil, but the Supplement is considered crystalline vanillin.

Nozzles are the components used for catching fish. For carp will approach the seeds of corn, wheat, semolina. Natural lure to use effectively in those places where the fish are accustomed to products of plant origin by the fishermen.

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