Catching carp in August

Carp is a large fish that lives in fresh water and is distributed throughout southern Europe and Asia. It belongs to the family Cyprinidae. The maximum possible weight of carp – about 30 kg (but sometimes there are real giants that are superior to this mark), and the length is about 1 meter. This fish feeds primarily leeches, worms, insects, shoots of rushes, young snails, bread dough, so to catch it is quite simple, and what are the fishermen. The carp is very tasty meat and fish profitably sold for quite a lot of money. By law, the carp is considered a delicacy with fish. He, like many freshwater fish that do not like too hot weather, but loves the warmth and light breeze. August is ideal for catching carp, because at this time the heat is already starting to decline. But there are also hot days. In hot weather, he tries to find shelter at the bottom of the pond, among the mud and stones, or dense thickets of reeds and other aquatic plants branched. Prudent fisherman takes for such cases to appropriate equipment: float or bottom fishing that is sturdy enough to hold the caught fish (when fishing from shore the best fit float and when fishing from the boats – Donna, because the farther you go, the longer the rope needed and the greater the depth); strong reliable hooks known manufacturer (preferably with short forearm); fishing line diameter of 0.2 – 0.4 mm (for large specimens 0.5 mm) and a convenient reel. To catch carp in August, mostly at night, starting hours from 10 PM. After arriving at the pond pick the right place, not very deep backwater, where there are dense thickets of cane (but be careful, because lack of awareness in the area threatens the loss of the hook, so as I said – they must be strong enough). It is also possible to navigate those small bubbles emerge from the depths to the surface. To attract carp in August to use bait. It may consist of small grains, corn or peas, bread, maggots, bloodworms, meal. The main ingredients you need to add quality flavoring garlic or worm. Bait is a must, because carp are very greedy fish and one bait it will be enough. Besides, you will not be extra to increase their chances of catching fish. However, carp is a very cunning and clever fish. Before you grab your bait, he will first examine it and lightly tested. Sensing some danger, carp immediately leave this place. In such cases, you should be very careful to disguise themselves well and choose a shaded place, because carp often comes to the surface. When carp will bite the bait, you need to quickly but gently pull him to shore. If the fish is heavy weight, use a landing net. Be careful, because big fish can slip off the hook, or even break his lip due to its own weight. If the carp is aware that his life was in danger, he struggles furiously with fishing and trying to get away from him in any way. In such cases it is impossible to give any advice. Rely solely on their own skills. Over time you get used to the behavior of this fish and easy to catch without help.Now, after reading this short article about how to catch carp in August, something you have learned from it and improved their skills. You can train your skills, sharpen your skills, often spending time fishing, sooner or later you will succeed!

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