Catching burbot in winter

Burbot is a nocturnal predator, therefore, it is necessary to catch in the evening and finish the following morning. Burbot a night comes out to feed at a depth of 3-6 meters. Burbot caught on various baits, live bait. Most of this is caught on spinners, lures or bait is used when fishing for pike and Zander.

Burbot can take on the game, and maybe a riser. When burbot fishing on mormyshka there are no games, it can only knock on the bottom. Burbot is coming to the lure at the sound and raised a cloud of turbidity. The bite from the cod kind. Grabbing the showerhead, it usually is not thrown aside like other predators, it stands on the site of its long and swallows.

The cut burbot very much resists, tightening in the hole he needs to get out confidently and not let him curl up in a hook.

Tackle for catching burbot.

Tackle for catching burbot is very simple: the plate is wound around 25-30 mm of fishing line with a thickness of 0,6–0,8 mm Weight of the cargo usually 150-180 grams lighter sinker burbot can tighten under the stones. Hooks put: to the worm, No. 6-8, live bait — No. 10-12 or doubles No. 6-7. Tees are rarely used, since their use is forbidden! Basic weight of burbot in the catches of fishermen — 500-700 grams. Fish weighing more than 2 kg is considered a big success, active burbot biting usually starts in the second half of December.


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