Catchability bait

The value of the catch fishing is for many the most important and the very essence of fishing, to achieve which some men are ready to spend good amount to get what you want. Experienced fishermen say that much depends on the bait that attracts the fish, because if it is not too attractive, careful and timid fish just don’t come close to the spinning. Catchability bait is the dream of every fisherman, as they ensure a good catch, for example, pike. The cost of lures not low, so the fishermen prefer to carefully choose this accessory as a waste of money nobody wants, and still want to buy the most catchability bait. Consequently, the set of characteristics for catchability wobblers are as follows. First, the complexity of the game, which is, in essence, lure, as ,the forgery, which failed to pass the test firm will be absolutely useless. Unfortunately, counterfeiting became frequent guests in fishing stores, so as in appearance to identify a real or false bait in front of you is impossible, you just need to lower it in the water to see a unique game that attracts a hungry predator, posing as small fish and injured fish, which further adds to the appetite of predatory fish.

Catchability baits can be designed for a specific fish, such as pike and there is also universal, the same applies to water, some lures are intended only for fresh or salt water, and also takes into account other parameters of the reservoir, and not only the reservoirs, and much more.

Another important point in the choice of lure is aerodynamics, that is how easy this lure is thrown, because when fishing with a spinning rod from the throw depends very much , and the better it’s done, the more and higher the quality of the catch. Also important sound characteristics, as many fish are very sensitive to sounds, and no the meter is not close to the shore, if there is some kind of scary the way they sound.For example, Rybalka on the boat on some fish species are very problematic, as absolute silence is often naraut movement of the angler, rezoniruya the bottom of the boat and frightening the fish.

Catchability bait have a good color, as the holographic coating is almost stoprotsentno to simulate fish scales to a predator , hungry, rushed, not keeping caution , at the bait, providing a great catch.

As well as the important resistance to deformation, which means the ability Valera to save the form in a long time, as the purchase of a new bait is a costly exercise that requires some budget.

In addition , catchability bait with their game, create sounds that mimic the splashing of small fish that affects the predator even more than appearance. Many predators use their visual abilities in hunting, but sound is also important for creating a coherent picture for the predator, who, seeing this bait, rushes to the attack without delay. Particularly attractive to him depict a wounded bait fish that predator means prey or lunch without effort.

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