Catch zakidushku

Very popular among fishermen is the fishing zakidushku. Despite the progressiveness in the manufacture of new types of gear, fishing this method of not losing their positions. The simplicity of this design allows without any difficulties and to quickly create effective tackle. Zakidushku most often used to catch bottom-dwelling fish. Its appearance is similar to the Donk, but in zakidushka missing gum.

To make zakidushku at home, you need a spool for fishing line and herself. A few leashes with hooks and sinker. The rod here is not so important and may be replaced by any piece of a stick jammed into the ground. Still need a signaling device that will alert you to the bite. The scaffold will fit the same as when fishing on spinning. Its length depends on the desire of the fisherman to sh in the far or close from the coast places.

The shape of the load must be rounded in the form of olives. The goods can be purchased in a specialty store for fishermen or make yourself, if you have such skills. Often use any available metal objects, which are similar to the desired shape of the cargo. The weight should be comfortable for the implementation of the casting at the desired distance. The cargo itself is tied to the end of zakidushki. Further of the load on the threads fixed leashes with hooks. A lot of hooks to tie not necessary, because this will create additional problems when casting. Hooks can be treble hooks if fishing with live bait, or a single smaller when the bait will be different. As the signaller will use any means at hand, but usually it the bell. In specialized shops for anglers to access electronic detectors, which are very popular.

Throw zakidushki is as follows. Fix a peg with one end of the line. The rest of the line is neatly spread on the Bank. Pay attention to the hooks with bait is not mixed up between them. The line should be taken when casting higher leads and load. A large number of hooks will not allow to do the casting. The casting is done in one movement. Lead arm straight and upwards. Thanks to the sound and weight of the load, it drags the bait in the desired direction.

Zakidushku often used for catching carp and carp in private ponds, when it should be clear what kind of fish you can catch. Such a set a little modernizarea. Instead of cargo take lead plate that resembles a trough. In this trough is placed the bait, which locks the hooks zakidushki. After casting, the fish is fond of food, swallowing hooks. Rigid fixation of the donkey allows the fish to sesekinika yourself on the hook. If zakidushku fasten securely on the shore, a big fish can carry all the tackle you will be left without a catch.

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