Catch pike in the spring

Spring for many anglers is the coveted trophy pike. Activity it occurs in the period before spawning and after two weeks at the end of spawning when the water temperature reaches 9-11 degrees. A couple of weeks after spawning pike is in the water, motionless, almost does not eat, and that’s because these two weeks have begins zhor pike (pike actively powered). Pike actively gaining weight that was lost during spawning. The company Jora pike coincides with the flowering of the rose. In Russia during spawning shall be ban on catching of a pike, to fish at this time is impossible, so you have to get to fishing before spawning, and before the entry of the injunction.

How will behave the pike depends on weather conditions, quickly warms up the water in the pond. If the water is warmed up to 12 degrees, you can safely go fishing, your chances will only increase to catch a predator. Pike tries to stay small bays, which are located with the main stream of the river, in such place on warmed areas of the pond, where small fish, but such fish in search of food arrives and prey fish. A huge advantage are the fishermen who catch from a boat, so they can sh in a large part of the reservoir. But while fishing from shore can be caught is not a bad specimen of pike. Catch pike many anglers, based on their preferences, who successfully catches on Wobbler, and who compete well and the silicone on the swift current of muddy water. In early spring the pike are not very active ,so the bait should be taken with the least conductivity .the bait need to be selected on the basis of water clarity if the water is quite muddy spoon ,silicone , Wobbler you need to take bright color, if the water is clear and the bait must be suitable to the natural colors of the pond. Sometimes it may be a situation the pike all the time follows a lure but take it not in a hurry, in such a situation you need to change the bait on the more bright which will differ not only in color but also a game to provoke a pike into biting. On reservoirs with a small pike trying over near the snags, in holes,in the hillocks, once they start biting the pike rises to 3 meters behind the decoy.

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