Catch Donna Karp

Catching carp is a pleasure. This is a exciting activity that has a shade for sport, will satisfy every angler. The process of luring and catching trophy instance incomparable. Bottom fishing for carp is directly connected with the ability to catch decent copies. To achieve the cherished dream of the fisherman, you need to choose the right gear. Very important role is played by the leash.

Of the strength of the leash depends on the angler will be able to keep the giant after hooking. You’ll have a safe process of pulling fish to the shore. Much on the line not to worry, because the market is filled with a sufficient amount of fishing line, specifically designed for carp fishing. To choose the appropriate option in any store for fishermen.

Alternatives when selecting a rod well enough. Experts recommend to pay attention to its rigidity. Also the rod should be of medium length in the range of 2.5-4.0 m, which is typical of spinning. The material of the rod, every angler chooses to own, according to their financial capabilities. Not to chase after an expensive commodity, it’s not always the price matches the quality. Stick to the middle price range, because a cheap rod can be of poor quality. The specified length of a spinning best. The spinning, having easy, convenient when making distant casts. It is convenient to manage after hooking fish. If fishing will occur from the shore, the angler must be spinning for two hands, which is necessary for long casts. If you have a watercraft, the fisherman can afford to purchase a spinning rod in one hand.

When choosing a nozzle, you must pay attention to the specific attachments for this species. Often specialists use complex of several nozzles. In addition to the nozzles, the free market has different types of flavors and agents appetite. With increasing experience, the fishermen themselves are coming up with new recipes that can tempt the giants. In any case, we should not forget about the advantage of the owners of the reservoir. If they are attracted by the nozzle, prepared for a particular recipe, the flavors persist for a long time and nothing new, they do not want to see.

The coil should also choose reliable, because during the confrontation with fish of large size, the stiffness of the fishing rod and the fishing line strength is not enough.

Before you start fishing for carp, you need to study the terrain of the reservoir, the habits of the carp and its trails. The density of the bottom of the reservoir is a fishing spot may be different. If bottom surface is too soft, at zabrose donki entire bait can go in the mud. The fish will see your bait, until you dig everything by smell. In these cases, the bait should be fixed away from the weight that the food the fish was in sight.

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