Catch crayfish on a stick

Who has ever tried crawfish, always remember the mouthwatering taste and can easily distinguish them from shrimp. Cancer low-fat meat, cholesterol free and very useful. Boiled crawfish quickly restore the stomach and well-normalizes the entire digestive system. Cancers shown to have suffered radiation contamination or after cancer. Previously, they were appointed people, exhausted by disease.


Need a dozen poles two to three meters long, pointed at one end. They can easily be cut down in the nearby woods or to prepare in advance. Still need as much nylon stocking, loading, rope and waterproof tape, some fishing line with floats if the pole will go under water. Of course, you need something like a boat.

Bait for catching crayfish

Crayfish are omnivorous, so the bait can be varied, only the rate of capture will vary. To accelerate the process easier to use frogs, which have up to fifty, depending on the size, the more the lower the number. The pole should have three to five.

You will have to spend a bit of time for detention and training bait. Caught frogs got a little singed on the coals so there was the characteristic aroma of burning skin. You can use small fish with which to perform the same action. The stocking, distribute the bait, we tied him to a pole so that after sticking in the bottom of the stocking is not left in the ground. At the far end strengthen the grip of the sinker.


Moving away from the coast in the distance, where more two-meter depth. Stick prepared cuttings to the bottom at distances of a meter in three to five. Sail to shore and walk for an hour. If it is the night, enough for half an hour.

Burnt smell travels well under water and attract crustaceans. They on all sides strive for pogibko and grabbed the stockings. The grip strength of the claw such that the cancer is not easy to shake. Yes, and the cancer doesn’t want to abandon the close of the prey, and moving away from her.

Through Vidnoe time loaded into boats and sent to the harvest. Pull the pole slowly, without sudden movements. Though cancer and clings, it is not necessary to scare him. In properly selected location in one run to collect up to a dozen individuals on a pole. If desired, you can repeat nastavku repeatedly, the bait is intact.

Only clean water can become a haven for cancer. These arthropods can not tolerate stagnant water, so are not found in closed lakes. Household mythology the status of cancer scavenger unfounded, as its main diet is vegetation, although crayfish are omnivores.

This method of trapping does not require the construction of cumbersome devices rakolovka-Racine and easily satisfied with one lover. Transportation devices does not cause considerable inconvenience, so that method is good when you need non-profit the number of crayfish.

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