Catch carp

There is only one fish nets or dirty water not to destroy. It’s carp. Probably after some time will not sturgeon or white salmon, but carp, this fish is impossible to catch and he always will delight fishermen.

Carp is one of the most controversial fish in our waters. And dozens of contradictions. For example, at different lakes carp may vary in size and intensity of biting.

Moreover, in some lakes the fish may bite throughout the day, some morning or evening, and some bite strictly in the wee hours one or two hours. Or, for example, a lake where the carp were caught all summer, and then someone tried to catch in the rain, threw the bait and went for one bite after another. When the rain stopped, to bite again stopped.

As for the size of carp, in a relatively small reservoirs it can reach two kilograms. With some luck and skill to catch carp from 500g to 1 kilo is enough not difficult. And seen carp in the lake adjacent to the predatory fish, such as perch or pike, it reaches a large size. This is understandable, because the predator makes him move more, and therefore more to eat. In addition, the predator eats small and sick fish.

How to determine if the lake is carp and will he bite?

First and foremost, of course, you have to look at its activity. If it says it is, that is squishes, some spikes or squelching in the grass, it means that it is active. But if active, then 99% of the fish will bite. If there is pritoplennye places, and scales, so someone has caught.

What is intensive feeding of carp?

It happens when you match two or three factors. First, the level of the water. Large or small water level carp caught will not, but there is a water level at which it begins to move actively. The second factor is, of course, the weather, it should be appropriate and the third one must undergo spawning. Although the spawning of crucian unusual occurrence, it can be captured with eggs in may, June, and July, and August. But still, there’s a time when the bulk of fish have already brushed aside the eggs, as a rule, this happens in may or June. And then you can get to feed and souls to catch.

The carp there are lots of interesting features. For example, if fishing for the first fish caught of a certain size, usually fish of this size and be caught on. The crucian there is a certain standard. If it is caught only large, small will never be caught and Vice versa. There is another interesting fact. The fish refers to those fish that can regulate its growth and hence the size. There are lakes, for example, which are filled with carp 30 grams, 50 may be 100g maximum weight, which is just teeming in the lake. Fish standards, he may be 10 years, and it is such a small size. Fishing such waters are called «kindergarten» and trying not to fish. They are good for novice anglers, especially for children and teenagers to hone their catching skills and to get to know about the habits of this fish.

The most important thing in carp fishing is a tackle. Properly tuned gear to bring success to fishing, not only during Jora. Most important to choose the capacity of the float and the entire snap-in in General. It is important ohrozit float so that protruded from the water 1-2 cm. Every fishing trip you need to change the hooks. Hooks constantly dull and need to either undermine, or change and then takes the stairs with no problems, but it has long been described in the fisheries literature.

Generally, carp always responds well to a variety of bait. And for bait you can use a variety of cereals, milled sunflower seeds, the oil cake different vanilla drops of garlic essence, and others. Course must be met in any proportions necessary for the preparation of these baits. You can also use the factory brand of the lure. The use of bait brings results where other fishermen catches or modest, or just not.

Then the case is much more complicated and almost not understandable. For example, one fisherman catches a fish and the other standing at the door, which caught on the same tackle, the same bait, the same bait or catches or bad catches anything at all. What could be causing such a big difference between fishermen? First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the place of fishing. The fact that the fish under the water is moving at any certain «trails». It can be some irregularities of the bottom, some greenery and if you throw a little away from this place, you can get rid of a large number of bites. If just to get on this path, the number of bites will increase several times.

If the bite starts to fade or stops, what tricks can you help? You can hold this technique as pulling lures. Not even active carp, seeing how it is a bait, it is enough. Very good at helping the wind, acting as a pull-up. You can also look for fish. To sh pond in order to find places where the concentration of carp anymore.

In General, the nuances of carp fishing is very much fish, though unpretentious, but very naughty. Crucian fishing, perhaps, and different from all others in that it brings some extraordinary peace that allows you to physically and mentally relax.


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