Catch Carp in the winter just

Not many fishermen know that in winter to catch carp can be as easy as during summer trips. To do this, without error be sure to the time and place of fishing. Everyone knows that in winter, the fish buries itself in mud all winter,so by the place it is desirable that the bottom was sandy or muddy. If you happen to find such a place then you can be sure that you throughout the winter this place will be able to catch carp,since carp are not very fond of the place of residence. After fishing your hole, it is desirable to tag or branch,so the next time you don’t have to look back at the place of fishing all over the lake. In winter the fish are easier to find near the shore,but the fishermen with the experience using their proven method,they drill holes in a checkerboard pattern,so they check the whole pond for the presence of fish. Carp are biting well in cloudy weather. Winter carp caught on a rod not more than thirty inches. Fishing line is better to use thin,and even better to the scaffold was not visible,spinners better to take small size,various shapes ,dark shades,these lures are very well soldered hook. As bait is taken on bloodworms or a small worm. In order to get the call started off,the bait is necessary to make smooth movements,vibrations must be vertical and smooth. Bites from carp are weaker than in the summer,so watch closely not to miss the bite. Carp fish careful,so at the slightest nibble, try carp output using biorica to fish does not tear.

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