Catch carp in the autumn on the float rod

Autumn carp often catch on the deep quiet places. In this case, v is more convenient to use a boat. Consider first the situation when a carp is on the parts of the reservoir to a depth of 4-6 m.

If you catch poplavochnoj a fishing tackle, you will need a longer rod — 4,5-5 m. the Coil is spinning. The main line is 0.15-0.17 mm thin Leash — 0,06-0,12 mm, the Float is sliding. Retaining nodes tally of the fishing line. They should be free to slip through the rings of the rod.

It is very important ohrozit float. Surface part of the antenna should be 0.5-1.5 cm the weight of the shepherd — 1-1,5 g 5 Carp in the autumn so gently picks up the head, felt the resistance, immediately throw away (see figure). This was the situation I faced when at the end of September catching carp on the lake in the village of Kozlovka on the border of the Saratov and Penza regions.

Was windless and cool weather. Temperatures around +5 °C. In the mirrored surface of the water reflected the stunted pine trees and bushes. The silence was extraordinary. No splash, no bubbles on the water!

About 9 hours of white mist seemed to dim the sun. Although it barely warmed, was once more comfortable.

The depth under the boat about 4 meters. Float silently falling water and freezes. Is 30 minutes the Sun began to warm noticeably. I look at the float and think, «now What does a carp in an underwater Kingdom? Will it fit to the nozzle or not?»

Suddenly hardly twitched the float. Check the nozzle. So. Slightly dented! It is necessary to change the shepherd. Put a small pellet. Again the bite! But the antenna imbedded only 1 mm. All Make the trip and immediately feel the resistance of the abutting fish. Pick up her landing net is carp. Cold as an icicle!

That morning I managed to catch 4 more fish, but they were all taken with extreme caution. Nothing can be done… Autumn!

In addition to float fishing rods, it is possible to catch carp and the side rod.

Figure a Nibble of the PA «rise» at various float types and versions of their grusak

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