Catch carp for bait

And here again come summer. This time of year brings a lot of pleasure to each angler. And all fishing enthusiasts in a hurry to start the car and look for a place where they can try out new gear and fun to fish. When the standard carp with his hand have become boring and want something more, then it’s time to catch carp.

Carp live mostly on the rates, but make no mistake, not all. So before you untangle a fishing rod, ask in advance, as usual there’s this kind of fish. Carp starting to be caught from early July until late autumn. But the biting can be observed in August and September. To catch this fish is not easy, but very interesting. To this kind of fishing need to prepare in advance. Make sure the bait. Perfect steamed cake mixed with steamed wheat or barley.

The cake dissolves quickly in water, and a trifle fast to stretch this yummy, but big bait remains on the bottom, attracting large specimens. When the carp goes on the hunt, he swims along the bottom and delicious sucks in your bait, the chances that the bait will be noticed increases.

Best bait for carp is corn. Although, there are a lot of baits to which fish respond. For example, crabs prefer the steamed peas. But tested the bait on the rates will always be corn. Of course, the experiment was not forbidden, you can try a variety of bait.

Arriving at the place of fishing, many fishermen trying to catch common carp from the depths, spinning and throwing huge rod as far as possible. Thus, they rely on the big fish podologo weight. This method of fishing can bring the desired result, and may leave only disappointment. Few catches near the shore, at shallow depths, but in vain. Of course, carp to five pounds in such a way not to catch, but carpet a kilogram, you can catch a dozen of the other. Carp loves zahrajte and rich vegetation. So do not look for easy ways.

The fish are biting every single time. The view that if the fish is large, then the bite needs to be sharp and the float must immediately go to the bottom incorrect. Carp may be a long time to suck the bait, playing on your nerves and then imbedded the float or lead to side. Pull the bait ahead of time is not worth it. Wait until the carp takes the bait and your float will give clear signs when it’s time to strike.

Do not try to sharply pull the carp out of the water, he can get off the hook. Smoothly dragged it to the shore. Do not lift the rod up high , tilt it slightly to the side and keep the fish on the water surface. The pleasure of this struggle will experience only a true lover of fishing.


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