Catch bream — tips Pro.

Catch bream - tips Pro.

In winter you should look for places deep, where there is uneven bottom, covered with clay, mud or stone, over which flows a slow and steady flow.

Bream need to catch on spinners with hook fourth or fifth number. Bream has the feature of lure grabbing lips, not swallowing it. If the hook is not sufficiently protrudes from the plane of the spinners, he’s not good enough pinpoint prey.

For bream is that he usually raises from the bottom of the nozzle, pulling along the anchor, which immediately signals the rise of the float. At this very moment and need to hook in, it is important not to skip it.

If you decided to go for bream winter’s night, choose the place for fishing before dark, its depth should be five – eight meters. Prepare accordingly the holes, mark them on the same line, raise your tent above them, the edges where fill and tamp the snow. Use the ice pick to cut the holes whose diameter should correspond to the eighteen to twenty inches.

Use a feeder that opens and sinks to the bottom. In the feeder drops small bloodworms mixed with a small amount of earth or a handful of millet porridge, oatmeal. In the process of preparing such a cereal should be added well enough crushed sunflower or hemp meal.

The mixture of such content can keep the bloodworms, and it will not go into the soil, and the aroma of porridge or cake is hard enough to attract the fish, serving as an additional point for the success of your business. In the afternoon you can additionally drill two or three wells, which can install the rods, which are armed with small alive, interesting for pike-perch or burbot. However, the choice of fishing should not, in principle, be changed if your target is bream, you will certainly need increasingly to pay attention to the nuances of the catching of this fish.

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