Catch bream in February

February, according to many fishermen’s minds, it is the most successful month of winter fishing for bream. As a rule, after a strong frost, come thaw, and the bream starting to feed actively, often climbing into the upper layers of water. The main thing in this period to find Parking fish. Very promising places for fishing are the inputs and outputs of channel pits. On reservoirs with active search ledovyh Parking fishermen capture as much as possible the variation of depth, to at least a couple of holes it was possible to catch cool points. The river plate frequently broad pits with smooth depressions of the bottom. In the Central part of such pits often find large bream and smaller skimmer bream usually goes along the edges of these sites. Good points can be coastal slopes that plunge sharply into the depths. But it’s good to sh found the drop off?

It seems to work great with the tactic. About ten holes are doing along the drop-off and ten across. Two areas are drilled in a zigzag pattern. The distance between the holes when looking doing 15-20 meters and no less. Because the wells usually lure, and then if when fishing a pair of neighboring wells will give the fish, it is not very good. Because the flock cannot firmly be grouped under that one hole, and that means that there will be fish. This point is very important, as lestnici believe that bream in February, feeding in small flocks. Bait can also collect a few swarms, making Lesovoy fishing is more active. Often when finding bream on a flat river plateau happens to find faults with narrow depressions of the bottom of a foot and more, their size can be small. In such hollows stuffed a lot of bream. To discover such a place — a huge success. Often these terms are available during February only when it thaws bream rises itology, while continuing to actively bite.

Often when anglers are faced with the problem: to lure or not ledovye hole? Some fishermen are actively moving on the water and catch without bait, hoping to attack the flock of bream. Most often it is the fishermen that catch on bessatalk. But fishing with bloodworms is considered Dobychina. And accordingly, in search of bream, the wells are predominantly shallow to overfeed bloodworms. On many lakes is without doubt the best bait, and not clean, rinsed, and with grass and other impurities, which remained in the time of its production. Moreover, fishermen often try to add grass to the Joker specifically because they believe that it improves the attractiveness of the bait to the fish. As a rule, bream coming to the bait after about half an hour, and to accelerate his approach to stuff almost the hole during drilling. At the same time kill two birds with drill overly not bothered, and when the first rounds of the wells the bream may respond ahead of time. But the fish sometimes is delayed with the approach and the first bypass catches brings rare. Experienced lestnici perfectly familiar with these features and not overly nervous. The first bypass is not so much to catch, how to know whether to fish under the hole. And therefore, avoiding the first time the holes lestnici watching the nod of the spinning: if the bream hole is still a little, it is often only a little «touches» bait and cautious. Such wells should be noticed, as the fish are silent later can be gathered very tightly and begin to actively bite. It happens that lured the wells are silent, three and more hours. But to abandon them and should not go, you need to exercise restraint and not to rush in search of new places. In winter the day is short and find great points still not enough. Is fully focus on their tame holes, and if today bream are active, then sooner or later he will respond to the bait and come to the hole.


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