There are two types of carp — a round, or as it is called Golden, is a fish with a plump body, with bronze-gold color, or silver carp which has an elongated body m darker brownish-gray color with a metallic sheen scales. This oblong carp (Silver), in contrast to the round (Golden) has a silver belly, larger gills and the tail is a different shape. Both carp have long dorsal fins, which are rounded at their ends. Painting the fins of the fish are totally different, the silver fin is yellow-gray, and gold with a reddish hue. Mouth of the carp is not very large. Teeth on the jaws is not. Rid of fish either.

The main characterizing carp is that the fish are quite demanding to the quality characteristics of the water. He can live in clear lakes and ditches, quarry lakes, and even in the marshy waters. Carp can live in water with poor oxygen saturation. Also, this fish is hardy and very low temperatures. She did not die even when vymerzanija in the ice. For a short period of time. In the winter or the drought of summer. this fish has the habit of burrowing in the mud. When the ice comes off the lakes and rivers carp leave their refuge.

Fish lay their eggs rather late. Spawning of carp takes place around late spring-early summer. When the water warms up to at least 14 degrees. Females lay only in thickets of plants, in batches, to a maximum of three events. Due to this, the spawning season lasts until mid-summer. Caviar carp has a sticky sheath. The Golden carp males prevail in number over the females. One female can lay up to 400,000 eggs in one spring and summer spawning.

There is one interesting fact that some reservoirs only live female carp, and they only breed with related species of fish – roach, carp, bream.

Feeds on fish, small crustaceans, mosquitoes and other insects that live on the muddy bottom.

The Golden carp is found in almost all water bodies of Europe and Asia. Silver predominates in Asia. In Ukraine, the carp is found in the basins of all rivers. As well as in large reservoirs, etc. every year, the number of fish increases significantly.

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