Carp. Secrets of fishing …

Carp is perhaps the most common fish in the waters of our country that eats plant foods, but refuses worms, bloodworms, various insects and crustaceans.

He caught the whole warm season, and in winter goes into hibernation, burrowing deep in the mud. With the advent of spring begins to bite in may when the water warmed up to 14-15°C.

This temperature of water is optimal for carp. Since the early to mid-may depending on the prevailing weather conditions, the carp gather in large groups for spawning.

Fish activity is saved for two weeks after spawning.

Before the angler raises the question: how to determine the place with a steady cool carp?

On warm summer days, this fish is usually where a lot of algae and a well-lit and heated areas, where a large number of succulent shoots of aquatic plants. There’s also carp preys on a variety of crustaceans and insects.

Very good bite carp in quiet, warm days with stable weather conditions, but sometimes not a bad bite is when there’s a slight breeze on the surface of the water forming ripples.

It is noticed that the carp in Sunny weather is better caught in shady places, where there is shade from shrubs, trees or high Bank. Very aktiviziruyutsya biting carp before the storm.

At dawn the fish are biting much better in the evenings. Day biting weakens, and sometimes completely goes out. Carp take the nozzle confidently, and young specimens swallow the bait especially bold, big fish are more cautious.

There are nuances here. When fishing on the float rod, the float is first hesitates, and then begins to move in different directions on the water. Sometimes, if vasoplegic very sensitive (such as «quill pen»), he goes under the water.

Hooking the fish should be very careful and do the cutting at the time when the float moves.

For carp the best fit hooks number 5 and 6, and to go fishing with float tackle, and with the Donk.

There are days when the fish are better caught on the float rod, and the other a bottom gear, and you will have to test both ways of fishing.

The Donk better has established itself on the overgrown algae places, and float rod – in between vegetation, and water.

Not bad, the fish takes on earthworms, maggots, and large fish prefer whole and thin worms.

Do not hesitate to take fish and bread crumb. Experienced fishermen suggest dipping it in honey, and a good catch is guaranteed. But not every fisherman can afford to pour honey on the bait.

More efficient some time to feed the fish, using the soaked bread, boiled grits, barley, cereal, oatmeal, scalded with boiling water.

Carp – a wayward fish, even if you catch on the same place, then biting well near the bottom, then suddenly, begins to take in the middle or at the water surface.

It is therefore desirable to equip the float tackle is located at different height two hooks, and reposition the depth of the baits. If the bite had deteriorated to change the depth of the nozzle.


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