Carp how to catch him

Carp belongs to the family of cyprinid fish, it is carp, its initial appearance. Unlike cultivated in stocking ponds carp, carp has a long body, which allows him to faster and faster swimming. The colour of carp varies from place to place, the big carp most often brown, the back is always darker. He eats the same as carp, from the bottom, very careful for this reason it is difficult to detect. Carp prefers to live in calm and deep waters of the bays and backwaters with clay bottom. Young carp form large flocks, with age, they decrease, while large specimens prefer to live alone.

Carp are omnivorous and extremely voracious, feeding preferences vary depending on the time of year. After hibernation until mid-summer he prefers young shoots of water vegetation, in the summer goes to animal feed. The base of the summer feeding are crayfish molt, snails, perlovitsy, as well as leeches, worms and insects he eats and leaves of aquatic plants. Fall food he serves only as animal feed.

The basis for a successful catching carp lies well chosen place. To do this, choose a quiet backwater, as far as possible removed from the places of recreation. It is desirable that there were snags must it be deep. Carp likes to be in the shade of aquatic vegetation. Only at dusk and in the early wee hours of carp come to the shore, in shallow water.

An important part of a good carp fishing there is also the right bait, it has to consist of the same components, on the basis of which are going to make a catch. The bait is desirable to lay in a fine mesh, to avoid the erosion continues. Best suited for bait cake briquettes or solid balls of clay that rolled up the components of a future bait fishing.

In closed water bodies with high efficiency is used to catch maksatic. This is a solid bar of pressed meal, any oil crops. In the corners it drilled, into which are inserted the hooks. Came the smell of carp starts to eat a corner of the preform and along with the meal swallowed the hook. You can also use a flavored dough. To lead plate attach the dough with a wide elastic band. From the dough form a square with sharp corners, which pressed against the hooks and then everything happens in the same way as in the case of briquette. The same principle is catching on a nipple, but instead of lead plates using conventional spring or the cork from the bottle and attached a small weight.

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