Carp fishing in winter or the impossible is possible

Fishing for carp, as is commonly believed, fact, warm time of year, but as it turned out, in practice, this is a misconception. Yes, of course, this kind of fish is the most heat-loving and very active in warm water, but to catch a good instance and in the dead of winter. The catch is that many simply do not want to waste your short time on fishing, in search of a passive fish. Therefore, if the fisherman decided to go fishing for carp, he, on arrival at the pond, you need to proceed to the analysis of the reservoir. If he happens to find the habitat of the fish, it certainly will be a success and catching the beautiful trophy.

Search carp

Of course, eyebrows and all drop offs are favorite places this species of fish. Fish find a place near the drop-off, preferring to find the deepest place, there to sit most of the time. Cold and other conditions with the arrival of winter, do not let the fish make sudden and multiple motions. They selected places, cold and less distant from the shore. Summer, of course the coastal waters of most warm, but in winter the situation is changing in the opposite direction. So the most important thing when looking for fish should be paid attention to differential depths in the reservoir where it can hide from fishing carp.

Some, on the contrary, I believe that to look for the usual summer fish have on the coastal areas that are overgrown with algae, where is the tangled woody snags. A tree and a large number of herbaceous algae exposed to rotting under water, which may modestly raise the temperature of the water. This fact, of course, to attract the right fisherman fish, which will greatly narrow it down to the pond. Of course, this opinion is not confirmed one hundred percent, but it can be checked personally. It’s time to draw a conclusion that the important thing is to find a place on the pond, which is less exposed to cold, there will be carp, stopped for the long winter.

Winter equipment

Despite the low activity, carp fish, brisk and never his catching is not easy. Even in winter the fish will be sports and gambling. Knowing this important fact, anglers are encouraged to adhere to the view that the equipment must be reliable and durable. Of course, if hunter fish confident in their own set of gear, it is possible to trust and that confidence. The leash is important to use durable and rod reinforced kucove. Knowing the characteristics and behavior of the fish, the hook may not be less than the fourth size. Based on the weather and calendar period, tackle and equipment for fishing can vary and get out of the preferences of the fisherman.

Let people convince you that carp – fish, summer and winter, to catch it is impossible, and the facts of life only fatal exceptions. But in fact, already stubbornly goes fishing for winter carp, studying its behavior in the cold and developed a secret system to catch fish by professional fishermen. So don’t even think about the possible and impossible, and just take the day off and head to the water.

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