Carp fishing in September

The most exciting and interesting fishing is about fishing for carp. Fishing for carp in September no less interesting than in the summer months. Great fun and a vivid impression is given to the fisherman from the fierce resistance of carp. To catch this fish hard, spent a lot of effort and skills to get the desired trophy. With the onset of the fall season drops the temperature of the water. At this time, the fish swims in the water in search of food, and to keep track of the movement of the carp is very difficult.

It is moving primarily in small groups and some of them are very impressive specimens. Summer fishing is limited to morning hours and evening dawn and night time. In September, the carp can be caught during the day. Need to determine where in the pond where the fish are. Good lure this place.

It is extremely important to choose gear. Carp is intelligence and caution, a hardy and strong. Usually for carp fishing choose float and bottom fishing rods.

Important and the choice of float. With the right choice of float will react to a barely noticeable bite of carp. He is very attentive to the flax bait, and if he feels resistance, then immediately leave her.

The choice of hook is determined by the size of the nozzle. Usually selected from 5 to 7 rooms. The hook needs to be dark in colour, strong and supple with short ring and forend. Carp has been bred for cultivation in artificial ponds of fish belonging to species of carps. Therefore, the bait, and then bait necessary in preparation for fishing. In areas pre-planned for fishing a regular bait scattered. The carp will develop a habit to arrive for feeding up to this point. The bottom is encouraged to prepare, clean it up, to Orient yourself.

A place for fishing it is advisable to choose where fishermen are infrequent with sufficient depths more than 4 meters. With the onset of autumn period in the reservoirs the water is clearer than summer, so deep the place be more efficient. Fishing need to prepare in advance the appropriate food for prepaymania and bait. For bait choose steamed peas, assorted flour, bran, and powdered milk, chopped worms. The composition may vary.

You can use different flavors which are widely presented in Department stores. The composition of the mixture prepared individually and brought to perfection fisherman experimentally. The demand for prepared mixes one, she should have a good hold of the bait without falling apart. The amount of bait desired volume of an orange.

For reference it is useful to use when painting the beet juice. Just before fishing, you need to lure carp in a pre-selected area, to cast the bait closer to the center privezennogo place. The bite from carp are extremely diverse and interesting fishing. Most often, it actively pulls the float at depth. And sometimes plays with the bait, showing extraordinary patience and caution, tries the bait taste. Thus the float rises, and can and does lie on the water. From the fisherman requires patience and attention. Carp podsekin, and the sharp stinger hook makes him fight for survival and to go in depth.

Line and rod must not be in one line, which will lead to the breakage of tackle. Thereafter, the circular movement of fish. Prevent weakening of the line, only depends on you who will win this fight — you or carp. At hand you must have a net with a handle is 2-3 meters. Experience, the correct fishing spot and, undoubtedly, luck will allow you to get great pleasure from fishing for such fish as carp.


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