Carp fishing for beginners — tricks, tips and secrets

Carp fishing is of interest to many fishermen as a way to catch the trophy of a lifetime. In sight and hearing of many successful carpatica who talk a lot on their blogs and in magazine articles that use branded boilies, baits and tackle will provide a beginning of capture of desired carp or carp, Amur.

Tackle for carp fishing

So, in carp fishing there is a whole system, tried and tested by previous generations of fishermen. The first step is to consider the main types of gear. The first thing that comes to mind is the tackle for carp fishing – classic hair. Absolutely simple tackle, consisting of cargo, a leash and a hook with a particular node. The essence of the snap that the bait is not attached to the hook, and rests on the loop next to it. About how the gear fit there are many articles and videos on the Internet, however, is not superfluous to recall the main points.

The gear fit is sure of braids, the diameter of which is selected for ease of knitting knots, bursting to the weight of the proposed fish and color. Green is universal, but here prompt is better the color of the water where is going to catch carp tackle tart. First fit end sewn-in loop, after you left, tying the hook so that the tip of the loop defended from the forearm in the vertical position of visa approximately half the length of the hook. The leash is approximately 15-20 cm high, as to what the bait be out of spot bait. The load may be moving, or be on a leash on the main line. Here plays a role is the place of fishing: on the overgrown river with low flow do not need to strive for increasing the sensitivity of tackle, while a large river is important. Shipment, that matter should be painted Matt paint, or darkened in the water. Lead weight, just bought in the store, be sure to Shine on the bottom will likely scare cautious carp or carp. There are loads of carp ready for knitting montages. This snap – in is where many start, and classic, as they say, is eternal.

The tricks and tips to newcomers to carp fishing

A novice angler it is difficult to know all the tricks of the various kinds of equipment for catching fish. Without a professional advice here not to manage. And if the beginner is not possible to communicate with the luminaries of fishing, then you should pay attention to this article, which will introduce in beginners catching fish.

The main task of every fisherman to catch a good catch. And just so this is not achieved. Professionals use a lot of different gear when fishing for certain species of fish. All beginners should take a look at some popular snap-ins designed for carp fishing, namely: variable, deaf, floating, and a helicopter.

Rigging for carp

Variable, the most popular, simple and proven over many years equipment for beginner fishermen. These apparatus are suitable for catching small and medium sized carp. So primitive tools, does not create any problems experienced anglers and will serve as a good springboard to get the necessary experience. The bait for a snap use and plant and live, it is possible to stick the bait such as bread and worms, and maggots.

Blank snap-in

Deaf is a snap, which has shortened the length of the leash and the fact that it is not replaceable. You must know that shortened the leash, it improves sensitivity and gives the opportunity to further throw the bait. Due to the short leash easier time of luring the fish out of the water, due to the short length of the leash from carp no time to react.

Floating snap-in

Floating snap-in that is required for carp fishing in silt and covered with mud bottom. This snap-in allows you to keep the bait above the contaminated part of the bottom, and the fish feels very good bait. It is from this method, this snap got its name. Due to the fact that the snap-in is equipped with several foam pieces and achieved its buoyancy. Adjust the depth of the Bay with the help of the limiter, a small lead ball attached to it.

Snap — helicopter

The helicopter is used when it is necessary to throw the bait as far as possible from the shore. This leash is equipped with a heavy sinker, the weight of which reaches about one hundred grams. In such equipment it sinker is the supporting structure for the leash.

All of these types, rigging for carp fishing is not restricted. There are plenty of diverse options, as professionals say fishing, fishermen themselves are much smaller than the equipment options. A novice angler, armed with the knowledge from this article, you will be able without much trouble to start a career as a successful fisherman and will be able to make its own contribution to the variety of equipment for carp fishing. Should not be limited solely to these types of, the concept of fishing, provides a wide range of activities to improve equipment and methods of their application as the novices and professionals.

Bait and groundbait for carp fishing

When the particular tackle you should think about the bait with food. Fisheries has called not just fish is not difficult to find, many people know about them. Of course, we all know the «number one tool» — corn. In what form should outline her for catching carp picky? There are several options, but among them four main: canned sweet corn, fresh milk or vistavka and fermented. With the first three all clear, but the fourth always raises many questions. It’s simple. Taken dry corn, and you can even use aft, it is boiled for two hours, until you start to maknuti and crack. Without letting it fall apart and leave to cool, adding sugar, about 3-4 tablespoons per kilogram of dry grain, after cooling to room temperature, drained, and corn, and water in a closed container with a tight lid and add bakers yeast. The most important factor of fermentation is the temperature. Ideally, put summer in the sun and let pobrodit so for three days. Then finished and bait, bait. Boyle is also a good tool, but for a start simpler and more affordable to use this simple method.

The technique of carp fishing

Fishing technique is based on the complementary feeding, and abundant in the early and subsequent reflux to the point of fishing and waiting for the fish to bite. How to feed – everyone decides. Anyone handy with a slingshot, who throws the bird feeder for a feeder or a missile, and who really uses the boat.

Needless to say that requires a sturdy rod is flexible and is able to withstand powerful jerks. Even a small pound carp resists unlike the carp or bream that much weight.

Video secrets for catching carp

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