Carp. Choosing the right location

Those fishermen who enjoy fishing for carp, always have the right to choose where to perform this process. You can be on the first place, not concentrating attention on the number located there fish. But sometimes waiting for the arrival of carp, you need to wait a very long time. It is better to focus on finding a good place. The fact is that no one bait will not help to catch this fish, if it’s not there.

The best option, of course, to go to the lake, about which everything is known. In that case, when given the opportunity to go to a new place, in advance, to gather information about it, without losing anything. Any little thing can make a difference. You first need to find out about this pond. In addition, a survey of other fishermen, gives a good result. Yet it is worth noting that at the end of April, the carp goes on the spawning grounds and located in the water-thickets. If you correctly identify the part of the lake where fish, it is possible to catch large specimens, sometimes reaching up to twenty-five pounds. Of course, there are such situations when the fishermen looking for carp, relying on his intuition. But it is better not to hope, and to do it right.

Carp have a very sensitive reaction to the presence of fishermen and he tries to evade the unpleasant meeting. The conclusion is that we should not pay attention to the point where he was biting other people. There is definitely not to be fish. Knowing that this pond is a carp, it is better to fix his attention on inconspicuous places, where rarely other fishing enthusiasts. As a result you can get a good haul.

The next step will be the determination of the place of casting a lure. To do this, using a boat and sonar, explores the underwater world of the desired portion of the lake. In order for the information gathered to remember and long to use it for successful fishing, a map of the reservoir, which indicated the Islands, sunken trees, borders, pond and water thickets and reading sounder. This is necessary in order to determine the choice point. If the lake is muddy and dirty, to catch carp can only fishermen that follow all of these tips. The fact that this fish finds its food over a firm gravel bottom, as there are live turtles that are food.

To determine the bottom of the reservoir and its structure are often used homemade devices. For example, take a strong string tied to the sinker to which is attached a long tube of plastic. This device rattle the bottom and define a solid. If the bottom is soft and silty, it is immersed a tube and stands upright, and when solid, sinker falls to the side. All this is very well felt. The preferred test structure on the bottom so when sitting in the boat, two fishermen, to someone who sat at the oars. The best places consider areas of the pond with bushes and trees, half sunken.

For fishing in such places it is necessary to have a fishing line that is resistant to abrasion. The rod should load deeply to fishing line stretched horizontally. The only way you can get carp from knots and branches.

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