Carp: a strategy for successful fishing

Carp are known to every fan of fishing as this fish is the most popular fishing trophy. Fish is loved by all, from beginners to experienced lovers of fishing. Karasik lives in almost any body of water from flooded pits and quarries, reservoirs, ponds, lakes and also falls in flowing rivers. To catch carp, which has great endurance under adverse conditions of existence, in the warm season, beginning in may and ending September. However, carp can be caught on the hook and during winter fishing, although during this period the fish are more choose to rest, buried in silt.

In Central Russia is not alone fishing on lakes and ponds is not without catching carp. Fishing this representative of the aquatic fauna is quite attractive and at the same time is not predictable, depends on the size inhabited in the pond fish, and weather conditions.

Bait, lure and bait for catching carp

There is a perception that crucian fishing is not specially prepared. Fish catches everything that is put on the hook. This manure worm and bread, porridge, mentioned even the case of detention of a carp on the gum. For catching small and attractive for children of instances it really is. Dough bait can be made directly from fishing bread, mixing the latter with water and a rod to use to cut the hazel rod tied to a thin fishing line, a float of goose feather and forged hook number four. After throwing the tackle near Bush reservoir, even in the half-waters, sometimes within a few seconds, note the bite, and after hooking on the hook flutter of small gold or silver trophy.

For catching large specimens must be prepared thoroughly. Always prepare several types of baits of animal and vegetable origin. In order to take a fishing red beetle, coats, bloodworms and maggots. Be sure to cook the barley, pure semolina or semolina with a dash of peas, and make a batter adding egg yolk and vanilla, aniseed drops of vegetable oil, which smell attracts the planned prey. Barley porridge can roll in the breadcrumbs. There are cases of catching carp on corn and wheat. This is especially the case in ponds, where, along with crucian carp inhabits. So do not be lazy and take a couple of cans of Bonduelle.

As feeding can take a couple of loaves of rye bread, the crumb of which is before throwing in body of water should be mixed with water and coastal mud, add in the received weight of the chopped beetle, or purchased ready-made feeding, which at the present time in the fishing stores large selection.

Arriving at the pond for a morning or evening dawn, looking for some quiet and promising places that are slightly fed. After about an hour, to determine the depth and character of the bottom of the pond, start fishing. However, if you can’t catch fish of decent size, and comes just a small thing, changing the place until you catch a large specimen.

Tackles for catching carp

To catch carp of course is better on the float rod, so nice to see how the fish vylazhivat or drowns float. Adapting to the peculiarities of the bite and hooking carp in the pond, which can chew plant the bait, and just lightly jiggle the float fishing will have a significant catch. Use plastic rod with coil, durable, but thin main line with a small float, to which is tied one or two leads from a thin fishing line with a diameter of 0.2 mm with the hooks of the sixth and larger sizes. However, large carp catching well with a ground rod. Bottom fishing you can throw away from the coast or a ride closer to korazim where you can stand big fish.

The main thing with carp fishing, like any fishing, is mindfulness. There are cases when the fish grabs the bait sharply and goes in the direction in snags or shrubs, and when you bite the Donk with a jerk pulls the rope so the bell guard just walks away.

In General, every fisherman has their secret effective hunting carp. Of course when fishing for carp has its own specific needs. With experience the number of tricks increases. Just remember that the carp are more active in calm weather, and bait used should always remind him of the most common in the reservoir food base.

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