Carbine «Vepr Molot» its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Vyatsko-Polyansky machine-building plant produces smoothbore self-loading rifle «Vepr Molot» on the basis of Kalashnikov machine gun. Produced exclusively for rifle cartridges caliber 12h76 have reliability in various conditions of use and are more reliable. Be smooth bored shotgun designed for sporting events, hunting, self-defense, it is often used for official purposes. Looks like the gun is a real fighting machine, for more convenient use weapons equipped with additional emphasis.

Trigger mechanism with the presence of the trigger, allows you to do single shots, excludes shooting burst shots. For the safe use of the gun after the shot is placed on the fuse. Guard design includes two levers, which are located on the right side of the receiver and one additional control lever located on the left side. The fuse is made with double mechanism lever type. For the convenience of fixing the store with a gun, the gun has a receiver. To avoid corrosion, all mechanisms shotguns are chrome.

Reloading of the carbine is automatic, this is due to the use of the powder gases removed from the barrel bore to the gas chamber, also used the energy of the several springs, after playing the shot they return to their original position. Sighting mechanisms consist of a rear sight and combined with the gas chamber, adjustable front sight. Rib is able to carry out the required lateral correction. At the bottom of the sight leaf, there is a designated laser target indicator, or tactical flashlight.

Barrel length is 305 mm, the total mass of the rifle is 4.2 kg. effective range is at a distance of one hundred meters. The gun store accommodates 4 or 8 rounds of 12-gauge rounds with a length of 76 mm. Also shotgun has a removable flash Hider, which additionally allows to observe safety in the use of weapons. The trigger has a locking mechanism that does not allow to make a shot with a folded stock.

There are several modifications of this shotgun:

•Model VPO 205-00 designed for hunting, sporting competitions and self defense. This model is equipped with 305 mm barrel and removable flash Hider.

•Model VPO 205-01 has differences in elongation of the barrel 520 mm, the ability to shoot with a folded stock, and has a built-in flame arrester;

•Model VPO 205-02 has a barrel length of 680 mm, additionally there is a base set for internal muzzle attachments that are compatible with the brands of the Snipe;

•Model VPO 205-03 similar in design to the rifle «Vepr Molot», the differences are in a shortened barrel and a minimum weight of weapons.

While hunting use of the shotgun «Vepr Molot» very convenient, this weapon allows you to take accurate sight and shot. A sniper shooting out of it, of course, impossible to perform, but at a distance of up to one hundred meters it shoots pretty well due to the presence of high precision shots and minimal shedding. This gun is suitable for women, as there is very little recoil. When properly selected ammo with this rifle it is possible to go hunting for large wild beasts, including bear, using different types of hunting.

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