Caracal its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

The Caracal in appearance resembles the lynx, but genetically different from it. In the wild inhabits in Africa, Central Asia, southern Turkmenistan and the Arabian Peninsula. In karakaj feet tall, it can easily run on sand with a hard hair on the legs. The weight of the animal ranges from 13 to 20 kg, body length is 60-85 cm, and the height at the withers 39-45 see all caracals are black spots on the upper lip and the nose. Whole body slender and graceful, forelimbs longer than hind limbs, exhaust claws and very sharp. Ears long, the ends have tassels of five inches in length. Males are much larger and stronger than females. Prefers hunting at night, prey karakaj be hares, foxes, small antelopes, rodents and reptiles.

The Caracal prefers a solitary life. It can be found in deserts, savannas, steppes, mountains and hilly areas. Hiding in bushes, trees and tall grass. The beast is very dangerous and careful, can get close to the victim, silently and instantly to attack. Having long legs, the animal cannot run. First stalking on its prey and catches several strong jumps. Then tighten the game up a tree and eats it there. If the Caracal does not have the animal, it can do plant foods – grass, grapes. Enemies are Prairie wolves and dogs, guarding a flock of sheep.

When the Caracal angry, he begins to sizzle. In the dark perfectly focused thanks to the excellent hearing. Likes to hide in burrows of other animals, most often olubowale holes of porcupines and foxes. In one burrow may be hiding for several years. The Caracal perfectly overcomes a vertical surface and climb trees. A wild beast has such a quick reaction, which can grab several birds at a time, until they rise from the ground into the air. For humans, the Caracal can also be dangerous, especially feeling cornered. He becomes aggressive and actively protected.

The mating period lasts 6 days, during the whole year. During estrus a female may mate with several males and prepares the den for future offspring in a burrow, cave or under the roots of large trees. Kittens are born blind, after a week, eyes open, and they start trying to walk on their own.

On caracals industrial hunting is not conducted. Is that the beast attacks on domestic animals and local farmers are beginning to hunt him. In the CIS countries hunting the Caracal is prohibited, due to the constant decrease in the number. If the kitten is born brought up at home, goes well with the man.

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