Cancers. Fishing methods

Oh how I want on a warm summer day to enjoy boiled crawfish, and even with beer. Ummm… a fairy tale. But not everyone can afford it, because prices of real representatives of river fauna is very high. So many lovers of this delicacy is to catch it yourself. As it is – let’s deal.

First let’s look at the habitat of the crayfish. They will live only in clean water (pure chemical substances), and is mandatory only in those waters, the bottom of which is rocky or sandy. This is due to the fact that your «house» raki, make themselves — digging burrows, hiding behind the rocks. The depth at which they are trying are 2 meters or more (a night person, does not like daylight), and only at night in search of food cancers closer to the shallows, or even come ashore leaving the water.

There are many methods of fishing, consider the most popular of them:

— catch crayfish hands;

— fishing racename;

— fishing rod;

— fishing with the lantern.

To catch crayfish hands

Catching crayfish with your hands is the easiest and most efficient way. All you need is a diving mask and mesh, where you can put production. The bottom line is this – you dive, inspect the area between the stones, looking for crayfish burrows, and when find grab and put in the bag. It seems simple, but there are nuances that need to know the beginner. For example, «take» cancer hands you with the tail as it moves backwards very quickly (tail serves as a paddle to his motion, he picks up the body of cancer water mass, causing it to move). Cancer is very afraid of noise, so try not to splash in the water, explore the area slowly and not quickly. Another tip for the diver – always carry a knife. You might need it at any moment. They can cut the branch clutching you for shorts, or poaching network, entangled leg. Also, be wary of putting my arms under huge rocks. It happens that sometimes a limb may get stuck, and it is dangerous for life. It is better to go fishing for crawfish with a friend. First, you will not be bored, and secondly, he can insure in case of emergencies. Well, let’s see how to look for cancers? For a beginner it is a little difficult, because to see them is very difficult. But there are some prominent places. First inspect all bottles, cans or paint cans, tires (of Course, if these objects are under water there). If the pond net to find out where St. cancer is possible by other factors:

1. Traces of digging;

2. Poured mounds and channels;

3. A large number of empty shells (this production of crustaceans).

Fishing racename or with special traps

Now let’s talk about catching cancer racename or with special traps – special tools for catching crustaceans. The design is very simple and primitive, but it brings a very good performance. For anglers are allowed to use Amateur Racine, and that there are some restrictions: no more than 3 pieces not more than 30 crayfish per day. For fishing more and is not necessary. The bottom line is this: in rakolovku or racing lies a piece of rancid meat (mostly fish), and then the whole structure is lowered into the water for a few hours or days. Crayfish react to the smell and kasayutsya from the neighborhood right into a trap. Necessarily the center of its mesh must be such that small individuals of cancer (up to 10cm) can easily fit through them.

Catching cancer at the bait very rare, but still practiced among fishermen. Take an ordinary rod size up to 3-4 meters, to be quite attached to the fishing line 0.20 mm in diameter, the end tie a piece of meat with «flavor» and thrown into the pond. The bait falls to the bottom and all. Now just have to wait for a bite, the alarm device is a small float, which should be very sensitive to the slightest movements of the nozzle. Minus of this method – can only be fished in the weather, without wind, many cancers are not caught, the cancer has already extended out of the water very often again in his element (releases the bait).

The paradox when fishing for crayfish.

Night of the crabs go to the light, but hiding from him. Our ancestors burned huge bonfires on the shores, luring prey, and then dragged dragged. But civilization is not in place and it can all be simplified – take a good spotlight aimed at the water and waiting for the arrival of crawfish. Every half hour some people runs around the perimeter of the banks and special small nets to collect crustaceans.

There is another interesting way of catching on a stick.

As the saying goes: «bezrybe cancer and fish», so let’s hope that you took from the article is most valuable and will please your family, friends and relatives of self-caught boiled crawfish.


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