Buying a knife. Which began to stop?

Probably every potential buyer who decided to buy a knife, only care about the important question – what was produced? Also an important factor in the final choice affects the geometry of the knife and its easy to handle, but experts advise to pay more attention to it began, as it most will receive the load. Of course, in General, than you may like in appearance, but in any case, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical data, otherwise this product may not be good or just not selected correctly for your conditions of use. Do not forget that steel can also be identified pitfalls, for example, can be carried out heat treatment curve, and, in General, this will not be able to see the buyer. We recommend that you his focus on brand, because if the production company has a leading position in the market, then we can say that her products are really high quality and it can fly. If you start talking about heat, then you may find that the curves of the blades can go in private Kuznetsov, who can say their products produce on the eye, but the major manufacturers of this kind of problems are much rarer.

Don’t forget also that most of the producers are not responsible for creating blades, and orders already processed steel from other companies that spetsializiruyutsya on treatment, which ultimately leads to a change in the basic properties of steel.

For most people who want to buy it, it will be used mainly for cutting any items. If the knife will be used disagree with the rules, for example, for opening cans of canned food, picking and so on, then in some cases to do this work only once. So we decided today to talk only about those knives that are for cutting, and also will try to determine what is steel is the best in their characteristics.

Let’s start with the review of foreign type of steel called O-1. This steel is very popular for knife manufacturers since it has high strength, cheap, but there are, of course, and minus – it is susceptible to rapid corrosion. The analogue among Russian steels, it can cause stamps U8, U10A, and so on, in fact a lot of them. With increase of number, but rather starting from ten, gradually decrease and amounts of carbon, which is steel, accordingly this leads to higher softness of the steel, and thus is created the worst cutting edge. So the steel is often used for the manufacture of swords, where most of the important plasticity and natural resistance to various impact loads. Knives very often you can find steel number 1095, and of course it has its own disadvantage, this type of steel is susceptible to rapid corrosion.

The 1095 steel is very often used by producers of cold steel and Kabar. In fact, it is impossible to identify the moment that the treatment of steel manufacturers have obtained low quality products, rather quite the opposite. However, the products of these companies has a number of advantages. Depending on your needs, you can pick up a knife, while its cost is much cheaper counterparts from larger production companies that use other types of steels. If you need a really high quality product and you don’t want to save money on the purchase of a knife, then you should consider the popular products.

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