Burbot fishing on imitation fish in the winter

Min fishing on imitation fish in the wintering period

Burbot is a great predator of the cod family. Individual species in large rivers reach a weight of 20 kg at a length of more than a meter. Found everywhere, preferring the natural water bodies artificial. Burbot fishing on imitation fish in the winter – the most efficient way to produce this tasty fish. The main difference between this predator from other species is that winter is the best time for fishing, the bite burbot in the summer are the exception rather than the rule.

Imitation fish for burbot

Imitation fish for a min

Zherlitsa is simple to manufacture and use tackle that allows you to achieve a good catch. You can use the purchase the tackle used for pike or walleye, but many anglers put on burbot homemade imitation fish called potawotami.

1. Purchase zherlitsa for pike consists of a round stand made of wood or plastic, whose diameter is larger than the size of the hole. Stand on a special bracket fixed simple coil with the brake ratchet and the indicator of a thin metal plate with a flag. Wound On the spool the fishing line on the end of which is a lead with a hook, line and sinker.

Use the following:

  • sinker with a hook is lowered to the bottom of the reservoir;
  • the imitation fish is put straight to the hole, completely covering it;
  • the brake on the reel set up this way to fish when the bite could bleed a little fishing line, breaking the tackle;
  • the alarm device is bent and the edge clings to the handle of the brake coil.

When you bite the reel starts to spin, pitting the line, the alarm is rectified and bright flag on the end tells the angler about biting.

2. Postawski. The most simple version of a homemade imitation fish is a regular motoviltse or a piece of wood wound with a fishing line, which is the sinker and leash with a hook. Snap-in sinks to the bottom, and a rod placed across the hole on the ice. So arranged Madlena zherlitsa.

The more complicated the device, the ice-postawski. You will need:

– wooden stick;

– flyer of wood (like a slingshot) in one of the double ends of which is a hole for fixing the fishing line;

– cut a flexible wire or nylon cord;

fishing line;

– the sinker;


Mounting tackle:

Installation of imitation fish in Minya

  • cut cord or wire attached at one end to the middle of the stick, and the other in a single end of the wooden flyer;
  • the flyer is wound a supply of fishing line – it performs the function of the coil;
  • at the other end of the fishing line is attached a sinker and leash with a hook.

With the installation of the sinker with the hook sinks to the bottom, the line is put into the slot, locking the desired depth. The flyer descends into the water, occupying the inverted position, and a wooden stick placed across the hole, locking tackle. When you bite the fishing line comes out of the slot and its supply should allow the fish to pull the bait to the side and swallow, not fearing the hook. When the line is fully unwound from the flyer, the predator is already pretty deeply swallows the bait and is samopoczucia.

Instead of the usual wire line is not recommended, as it can easily be damaged on the edge of the ice when pulling, especially if the hole freezes with the installation of imitation fish all night.

Equipment Gerlich

The large size of burbot involve the use of durable and strong equipment:

  • the main line from 0.4 to 1 mm in diameter, with a length of 15-30 meters depending on the depth of fishing;
  • pedestrian fishing line 0,25-0,4 mm thick. Leashes length – 40-50 cm;
  • sinker weighing at least 50 grams;
  • quality hooks, long shank, size No. 10-14. You can use both single and double and triple hooks. Most importantly – a sharp sting.

With purchased pike Gerlich is to remove the metal leash – burbot, unlike the pike, not able to bite the fishing line with my teeth.

Attach the leash with a hook as the sinker, and on a separate carabiner on the end of the line from him.


Burbot fishing on imitation fish in winter is impossible without the use of bait. For this fit:

  • baitfish;
  • the pieces of fish;
  • the pieces of meat;
  • dead small fish (whitebait).

Burbot often feeds on carrion, so fishing the fish pieces are often justified. Despite this, the live bait remains the most catchability bait for winter fishing for burbot.

As bait you need to use the small fish of those species which constitute the basis of food of burbot in the reservoir, and capable of long remain in the active state on the hook. Usually I take a ruff, a gudgeon and a perch. Many anglers believe that the ruff burbot bite more readily.

Stick bait on the hook better not lip, and under the dorsal fin of the fish will stay longer alive and will be very actively moving, trying to escape. In addition, this type of nozzle eliminates the possibility of capture by a predator just the back of the handle without a hook.


When fishing for burbot on the imitation fish in winter gear is always in one spot that gives you the opportunity to attract a predator bait. It is quite suitable for a variety of animal parts:

  • fish offal;
  • the bird inside;
  • waste from slaughterhouses;
  • the blood of livestock;
  • meat and fish scraps.

Search and fishing of burbot in the reservoir

Unlike other fish species, burbot loves cold running water. So in winter you need to pay attention to the deep places:

  • pit;
  • sharp changes of depths;
  • cliffs.

The higher the temperature of the water in late winter, the deeper goes the predator. Also catchability places are underwater springs, the mouth of the confluence of the rivers and streams, point for the Islands, where there is a reverse current.

Prefers rocky bottom. Likes cover. In shallow water appears rarely, mostly during the spawning period. Usually in small places you can find small fish up to 3 kg weight.

To determine the best places for fishing is necessary to thoroughly study the bottom topography. If the pond is unfamiliar, it is best to talk with the local fishermen, who can not only tell you about the nature of the bottom, but to indicate burbot good point.

Winter is the best period for catching burbot. Tellingly, the worse the weather, the better the bite. So rainy cold days are most suitable for fishing for burbot with Gerlich.

The best time for catching of a predator starts in the evening and lasts an average of 5 hours in the morning. There are two period, the highest activity of burbot:

• from 9 to 12 at night;

• from 3 to 5am.

Often in the winter burbot are biting throughout daylight hours. Apparently, this is due to the lack of light penetrating through the ice layer and at a depth of burbot just confuses day with night.

Tactics for catching

Selecting the fishing spot, you should start drilling holes and installing Gerlich. The number of installed gear should not exceed the allowed in a particular region.

Burbot fishing on imitation fish in the winter is a passive fishing, so the big catch need to have a good time, better – overnight.

To prepare for the night fishing in advance while it’s still light. Holes are drilled at a distance of not less than 7 meters from each other. On average, put about 10 zherlits or pastamusik to increase the chances of prey. Layout at everyone and depends on the selected location. If the pit has a large area, it is rational to place the gear in a checkerboard pattern, if there is a long cliff or the difference in depths along it in a straight line.

Fishing on imitation fish Ming

When fishing for burbot on the imitation fish in the winter fishing can always be at the point of fishing, or to put gear in the evening and come to check in the morning. Slobodschina burbot on Gerlich makes the participation of the Fisher in the process is optional.

But fishermen often remain in gear all night, periodically checking equipment and selecting the most efficient point. Also check imitation fish needed no more than once per hour.

Burbot, unlike walleye and pike, not so much frightened of the hook, and can slowly swallow the bait whole, often pulling the hook into the stomach. In this case, do not try to pull the rope, and it is better to cut the hook, and quickly tied back to lower the hooks under the ice in the hole.

Tips on fishing for burbot:

• Burbot can swallow a bait on the spot, so the switch on the «pike» the imitation fish does not always work. Checking gear, you should look for the presence of production of the imitation fish.

• Fish – especially bottom fish, so try to find it on other horizons meaningless.

• When you bite into one of the holes can be drilled with her 2-3 new and install the imitation fish.

• If it was possible to calculate catchability place on the pond, then next winter, you can safely catch them, the fish practically does not change its routes and Parking.

• Imitation fish quickly froze to the ice, you need to be very neat tool for their liberation.

• Need to take into account the high probability of catching large fish and make a hole of large diameter.

Not everyone likes the imitation fish because of the minimal participation in the process of fishing. But in the case of such a passive burbot fishing will show a much better result than active fishing on mormyshka. Burbot fishing on imitation fish in the winter everyone who is even slightly interested in catching fish. A knowledge of the behavior and preferences of the predator will help even the novice to return home with the trophy.

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