Bull – insatiable and delicious

Man, the first time I saw a live bull, will hardly be deceived his appearance – large head with massive jaws studded with teeth-needles, a relatively small body, fused into a solid ring… pelvic fins are jet black or a sandy-yellow, some sticky, slimy to the touch… of Course, many have tried gobies in tomato sauce, but encountering him in nature, do not immediately associate it with delicious food.

However, in many places the bull is the object of constant fishing and recreational fishing. There are various species of goby in the Black and especially in the Azov sea, high up in to the rivers flowing into these seas. Easily adapt as the salt and fresh water.

Bull willingly goes with worms, bread, dough. Takes the bait eagerly, deeply – after hardly extracted the hook from the voracious jaws. Bathing guys fishing steers – sport competitions. Stick your hand under a rock or a snag, the usual place of residence of this benthic fish and the mouth is delicately nibbling an invisible finger. Here you need to grab the other fingers bony head and throw surly owner of the mink on the shore. Now you can go for further searches. Dragged home tied to the shirt catch a fish all beat her, while the roach or Rudd have long been asleep. The bull is tenacious – it is not his next of kin, mudflats jumpers that live in tropical Asia, for a long time without water standing on the roots of mangrove trees.

Fried gobies are very tasty, but cooked by hot Smoking and are a real delicacy. Removing the heads and in a special way by dragging the splits – that didn’t collapse carcass – Bychkov, soaked for several hours in a saline solution, suspended in iron barrel or in a special smokehouse. In this vessel, on prepared coals roll in the sawdust, which begin to smolder. Experts prefer sawdust cherry, Apple, juniper. The temperature in the smokehouse should not exceed 70-80 degrees to the fluid contained in the fish, not boiled away, and they retained their juiciness. No more hours of incubation in a thick aromatic smoke, and the decoration of the table ready to eat.

In Berdyansk, on the Azov sea, on the waterfront is a monument to the bull. Production of this ugly fish has helped citizens survive in the harsh war years and postwar time…

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