Browse shotguns MTS 20 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hello, today we decided to talk about the famous model hunting rifle, which is called mc20. This model of rifle relates to the type of smooth-bore weapon shop with a tipped barrel. Store in the gun mc20 is box-shaped and can contain no more than two rounds, which in principle is sufficient for a professional hunter. If necessary, there is also the possibility to install the third cartridge, which will be located in the cartridge chamber of the barrel.

The incentive to produce these weapons appeared in a time when hunting in the Soviet times it supplied pig iron weapons. Actually to think of this is not easy, but for full hunting needed to upgrade the weapon, which was in those days, so the course was even carbines and army rifles. Very often among hunters these guns were called Berdan rifle and if you are a seasoned hunter, then you probably know that word.

Most likely, you will be interested to know how the same way and that the change in Soviet weapons, in fact, experts have drilled the hole rifle the barrels of the necessary caliber, which could be called complete for shotguns. Also often appeared wooden plates, which were mounted directly on the gun barrel. In addition to all these changes, of course, there were others, but today we decided to bring you only the most popular options so we will not deviate from the topic.

Of course, there were also such cases when the hunter just needs to upgrade his gun for a medium or large caliber, but the thin barrel of a rifle is not allowed to perform, in this case military-style rifles established a standard smooth barrel.

In Soviet times, the modernization of weapons was so popular that it was conducted not only in plants but also in handicraft workshops and some professional experts in the field of weapons and is engaged in this business at home. Most often a single-barreled gun, but rather the revised model was carried out singly from the sixteenth and ending with the twenty-fourth caliber. Also at that time was store-bought versions of the alterations, which accommodates two or three rounds higher in terms of caliber.

In connection with large-scale alterations, the development of hunting in our country has led to significant development. To engage in the production of the required type rifles began arms factories, they produced a pretty simple options, but at the same time and reliable, these items were readily available practically to the entire population. Of course, along with this accessibility they had more disadvantages, but rather by its technical characteristics, they are seriously inferior to regular weapons, so the expansion of production was not old guns began to very quickly become obsolete and this is not surprising because the large-scale competition and many hunters wanted to acquire more modern weapons.

It mc20 became the first production model, which started selling in stores and as we mentioned earlier, this gun has not tipped the barrel. Was this gun manufactured at the Tula arms factory. The initial model mc20 had a strange design, which for many was generally unthinkable, but the fact that receiver was one of the Lodge, and made this combination was made of plastic. This, of course, carries a definite plus, for example, significantly was reduced the weight of the gun, but had its drawbacks.

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