Browse shotguns Beretta ES 100 Synthetic 71 its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Today we decided to do a little overview of the most popular gun called Beretta ES 100. We should start with the rifle, in this case, it usually consists of the core, battle masks, buffer springs, and control arm and special locking wedge. It is worth noting the point that locking of the channel in the barrel by using the swinging in the vertical plane of the wedge and thus produces an interaction with the body panel of the receiver, the shutter is located in the lower part of the panel. If you start to study the diagram combat shotgun Beretta ES 100, then it is possible to identify the point that it is somewhat similar to the model of the guns from the manufacturer benellis, but all the same it is not so induced, and the gun has its own unique characteristics. The gun barrel Beretta ES 100 were rigidly fixed by the manufacturers together with steel cover of the receiver.

Total barrel length is seventy-one centimeter, older models had a length of seventy-six inches, and also the weapons there are additional choke tube, which can be attributed to variable type.

As you have been able to determine that the receiver was made by the developers of the alloy. When you need to disassemble this gun, then you’ll notice that the barrel of the gun with one-piece lid, and the shutter is separated from the receiver, however, is not surprising. The developers have decided to create this schema in order for the owner not had any difficulties in terms of maintenance trigger, when will be cleaning. In this case, it is possible to determine that when cleaning, you do not need to remove the trigger Assembly from the receiver. For the model gun Beretta ES 100 this is very important because as the main element for fixing the trigger, the developers decided to establish a unique steel stud, just a solid metal tube. If regularly knocking out this tube, then it can be razvaljivanje, and is only able to lead to problems in installation. In connection with this new scheme, which is used in weapons Beretta ES 100, it is possible to determine that the service return spring is substantially simplified. The recoil spring was installed directly in the bed of the rifles.

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