Browse hunting rifles or the weapons of the time-tested

Thanks swordsmith from France G. Zollner, at the end of the 15th century came to light carabiner, alternatively shorter and easier long-barreled gun. In its design, the carbine gave a lot of advantages as a pedestrian, and equestrian soldiers during close combat. For half a thousand years the design of the rifle has changed little, in addition to many enhancements of the individual elements. But after world weapons automatic rifles gradually moved into the category of hunting rifles.

Currently, hunters Russia prefer carbines domestic manufacturers, of which there are about a dozen more fashionable. But you can find the carbines for hunting, released abroad as the large role played by the personal preferences of the hunter to one or another type of rifle, and of course, possibilities in the financial plan. Modern models of rifles have different calibers, but their purpose is to conduct aimed fire while hunting for large or medium wild beast.

One of the popular consumer models of hunting rifle is VEPR-308 SUPER, which is produced by the plant «Molot». Like all weapons from the collection of «Kalash» this model of the carbine is very reliable. The firing of him without pre-cleaning, however, the accuracy is rather weak, but its cost is justified, because the large wild beast of great importance, the accuracy has not. In comparison with standard 308-m carbine, this model has received walnut bed solid wood, which gives the weapon a more intelligent look. The rifle weighs 3.9 kg, and its characteristic signs are a decent SCC with a flame extinguisher and a gun of sufficient power, which makes it a lot easier night shooting with a weakened recoil. The rear sight installs in two positions: when shooting at a hundred and three hundred meters.

A good option for hunting is also a Tigr carbine-308ili one of his modifications of the Tigr-9, which produce the famous Izhevsk gunsmiths. Tiger-308 is the caliber 7,62×51. On the contrary 9,3 Tiger-9. In both modifications, in comparison with the standard model, the barrel is longer by 35 millimeters for the same length of the carbine from 1100 to 1200 millimeters. In the box both models of rifles includes shop n ten rounds. The weapon has a smooth descent, and greater accuracy of the battle, but his selection should be carried out strictly individually for each hunter.

Lately more and more popular such model of shotgun, like the SAIGA-308, MC calibre which can be the 7.62 for hunting large and medium wild beast, and 5.65 (for birds and small animals). Its popularity this model carbine was due to the large number of modifications in self – defense, assault, hunting, military, etc Different model guns for hunting gorgeous compact, but patterning at the same time, low. Good accuracy can be achieved by shooting only from a distance of seventy meters, and it can be said, the only drawback of the rifle. In General the model is very reliable, easy to transport and is light in weight.

From foreign models, it should be noted the weapon is manufactured by Remington. Rifles REMINGTON model 750 Woodsmaster is a classic version of the weapon for hunting method of the pen. The major advantages of this rifle is: a very soft trigger mechanism, the return of the RAM due to the exit of the exhaust gases with the help of grenade and pipe, light weight and very high quality burnished metal structural elements.

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