Browse hunting rifles from the gunsmith’s F. St. Game

A hunting rifle was produced in the German company Friedrich Wilhelm Heym (FriedrichWilhelmHeym) and appeared in Russia immediately after the production, but only in the early XX century. Weapons company, in particular specialized in the sale, offered in their catalogs rifles from the famous master of F. St. Game in early 1907. Mainly in the directories is only the trigger, as well as a tees, which according to experts had average cost. These weapons came only in small numbers, and therefore due to the large demand versed they are on the same day after the importation. Such guns were a really good developments, as they are suited for different types of hunting, so after a small period of time gained a really great reputation among domestic hunters, who, in fact, could not afford expensive weapons, but also didn’t want to mess with the fakes or little professional weapons.

After some time, the firm began to gain its popularity, it gained a certain place in the ranking in Europe, most experts have turned their attention to the tees. In General, the firm Friedrich Wilhelm Heym was able to obtain its first patent in 1891. For a large number of hunters the name of a famous swordsmith F. St. The game was the main synonym of perfect tee.

The firm was designed by the famous German gunsmith in the heart of Zola in 1865, and received the name of its founder, which was not changed to this day. Just want to note that the production company was aimed only at the creation of a new hunting rifle because at that time there was very little competition, and more precisely in Germany, there were only two major weapons firms, under the names «Simon» and «Sauer and son». The firm has a «Game» with almost no chance to compete with these two companies in terms of production, and it was therefore decided to work exclusively in the field of hunting, the weapons were made of the average cost, it was necessary to ensure that it quickly sold and brought profit to the firm. In principle, almost all the Creator’s plan was decided and implemented very quickly. In the year produced a small amount of weapons, thus, more attention was paid to it in build quality, despite the low cost arms produced a really great quality, in this case it was used by both beginners and professionals. In fact, a large number of development F. St. Games exist to this day, and immediately I want to highlight that the state of their good, of course if they properly apply.

Browse hunting rifles from the gunsmith's F. St. Game

For a long time the firm had the name «FriedrichWilhelmHeymGewehr-FabrikSuhl», and the gun barrel was applied to individual words «FriedrichWilhelmHeym» most commonly used is a handwriting font. These two names are often indicated in abbreviated form or initials and surname. The first tees, which went into production made of high strength steel at the plant «Krupp» or elected other steel mills depending on the needs. The trigger of the gun from the famous firm had additional locks on the side boards. Upper locking bolt was made of Griner or used puppet head and the lower lock special double frame Purdue two grenade hook or latch, which was mounted on the rear under-barrel hook.

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