Browse hunting rifle TOZ-63 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

In mid-1960 in Tula was founded a weapons factory, where experts decided to replace the serial weapon TOZ-BM, brand new products, which was called TOZ-63. However, this happened in order to increase the number of goods produced at the plant, so the production of TOZ-BM was not completely stopped, but at release it was considerably reduced. Model rifle TOZ-63 is almost identical to the TOZ-BM, but still one difference to the specialists in the field of weapons have been found. This difference you can notice in the barrel, the new rifle has a chrome barrel.

In fact, two models at that time enjoyed tremendously high demand among hunters from different countries. The interesting thing is that the trigger on the gun can be easily replaced. Rifle model TOZ-63 was produced in two types-or rather, in the sixteenth and twentieth caliber. As you probably could notice, the narrowing of the muzzle was made in the usual variant, but rather in the standard. Only after some time in production began to occur changes that can be attributed to the improvement, but rather the weapon partially began to cover the chrome. After these changes, the production began two variants of weapons that are virtually indistinguishable from each other, however, the difference was only in name.

Turning his attention to the appearance of these guns, it will be extremely difficult to find even the smallest difference. The only thing that differs is the year of issue indicated on the barrel of the guns. TOZ-63 sixteenth caliber barrel has a length of seventy two inches, and the total weight does not exceed 3.2 kilograms, shotgun twelve-gauge a little lighter, it weighs only 2.7 kg, barrel length 62 cm. In the guns there is a special backing castle, as well as constipation, which contains the set from the triple mechanism, which is designed for locking. Shotgun TOZ-63, as you may have noticed, has a horizontal barrel, and therefore this weapon is able to ensure perfect accuracy when shooting. Also a big plus to this rifle is that the trigger itself returned after the shot to the safety of the platoon. Itself to a box at the gun manufacturers have created two types of trees, but rather from beech and birch. Each trunk has a simple, but very reliable trigger mechanism, this mechanism is the main difference from any other hammer type weapons.

Of course, as with any other weapon TOZ-63 has its disadvantages and right now it is about them we talk a little bit. Perhaps the most important cons in this rifle has a very poor fit, however, everyone can hold fit and also have a bad sawdust pellets.. If the hunter is not very careful with this type of gun, then eventually the neck of the bed can simply crack. In this model, the neck of the Lodge is very weak, so if you are the owner of this gun, try with him to tread carefully, of course not in all cases such an opportunity. The neck piece can crack a case if you start using cartridges that contain a large quantity of powder, from the powerful charge will be a strong vibration, and consequently from her and can go to crack. To ensure that this weapon really could perform all its proper functions, you will need to do a complete Assembly, or to trust the professionals, if you are not an experienced hunter.

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