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Experienced hunters know very well the stigma that represents the three together combined triangle and in the middle there is the letter S. These guns belong to the big German firm, which is called «Samson». This firm specialized in various production, in addition to guns, the company produced bicycles, cars and even household appliances. The history of the company really is very large, and it began from the XVIII century. At that time there was only a small metal-working workshop in the city of Suhl. Almost at the end of the 1840s, when he began a strong period of economic crisis in the country, small traders and ordinary moneylenders brothers Loeb and Modestincome decided to take a chance and purchased this workshop. Over a long period of time to take, could not decide in what area of production to move on, but at the end of 1856 still, a solution was found, or rather created a multi-purpose production company that was wholly-owned by the brothers, Simon. However, the brothers began to consider a complete basis of the enterprise back in 1850, when the activity of the company was focused on engineering.

To this day the company «Samson» is considered family, because leaders are descendants of the first Samsonov, but that is not surprising. Family business gradually started to expand the scale and types of products. After a while they started polishing, and drilling barrels for small arms according to individual customer orders and also made ramrods and bayonets. In early 1862, the company was renamed into «Brothers Simson, Bayonets and Rods». The production of this type continued for so long, it’s already a year it was decided to start to master the production of rifles for this purpose it was decided to move to a larger room, as for the production requires a considerable amount of space. After mastering seemed to have went well, on the plant, it was decided to invite well-known professional mechanics Charles Hatch, after which the company had decided to rename again to «gun factory, Simon and Luke, Suhl». This name persisted until the middle of 1884, in that year, Luke decided to leave the firm as it began to appear more promising proposals.

In the beginning of 1890 the company began to receive government orders for the manufacture of small arms, for example, the special processing of captured weapons that were captured, and the war, which took place in 1866. Also regularly carried out the modernization of its production equipment, as, therefore, it was necessary to compete with large enterprises, and in this regard developed a new weapon that could only be done on new hardware. After some time in the production of military weapons has begun to occur stagnation, and to manufacture not standing in one place, the firm decided to pay attention to the production of sports and hunting guns professional grade. In connection with the new changes weapons production in the firm began to grow rapidly, and in the early twentieth century, the firm has worked not less than two hundred thousand workers. And after a while she managed to become the only leading company, ahead of all its known competitors. As we previously wrote, the firm was constantly trying to expand their production, so it was decided to start again to engage in the production of cars.

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