Browse hunting rifle IZH-27, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

IL-27 is a double-barreled shotgun, which has a vertical arrangement of trunks, and as you already might understand, this gun was released at the Izhevsk mechanical plant. This weapon began to produce after producers of the legendary IL-12, which became the first plane in the Soviet Union it has gained much popularity among different types of hunters, who began to praise IL-12 for its simplicity, and most importantly – reliability. Only in the early seventies, manufacturers began to modernize the hunting rifle IZH-12. Now let’s talk about some of the most important changes that have been made into a new gun, which was later renamed the IZH-27.

Innovations have actually been made to a considerable number, so we’ll start with the most important, but rather it is a radical change forend and stock. Was significantly altered and rib, now she was here to vent. New rifle received the fuse, which is automatic, and this has added a large number of positive aspects for reliability. Also, the ejector, and in connection with the Lodge was almost completely changed the shape of the box. Now for example in the gun IZH-27 appeared rubber recoil pad, which is designed to soften recoil.

As you may have understood, the new model has a special index called the IZH-27. In fact, it is not surprising is that a hunting rifle IZH-27 is available today, but currently it can be as mass production for large customers, as well as just a single copy as a souvenir. IL-27 is currently available only in two variants, or rather the twelfth and sixteenth caliber. A shotgun, twelve-gauge weighs three point four-tenths pounds, but the model of the sixteenth caliber weighs as much as three and three tenths kilograms. The bolts have a length of seven centimeters in both cases, but the length of the trunks in the first case, is seventy-two inches, and the second seventy-three centimeters. The barrels have a front sight and a ventilated rib or plain. The outer surface of the trunks have passed special treatment, and then in the final stage they were covered with a black chromium layer, and the channels of the trunk was also treated in chrome.

The connection stems directly from the block is carried out using special hooks, which have a longitudinal form, as well as joints. As you can see, the locking occurs using a specially superalloy frame, included in the groove of the rear barrel hook. After you need to hold open trunks, then automatically trigger information.

Definitely, you can approve the point that the trigger mechanism is capable of producing exceptionally smooth descent hooks directly from cocking is done when closing trunks. In addition to auto guard it contains a special perehvatyvaet triggers that can still be called intersperse, namely circuit breaker and closes the sear. Casings from the gun extracted by the extractor. To date, there is also a modified version of the IZH-27, which in its addition is the letter «E», but the differences between guns is practically nonexistent. Differences exist only in the fact that in the modified version includes the ejector, which is able to throw the sleeve after the shot.

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