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Today we will talk about tackle such as spinning. Or rather a model, spinning rod Black Hole «Bass Mania», S-602ml, the length is 183cm, weight 102gr. An overview of the spinning based on the owner reviews of this model.

Will briefly cover some of the main features of this fishing rod that can bring the rank benefits. In principle, all models of these rods are specialized models for a wide range of applications. The range of possibilities is quite large and wide in this class. For example, the strength of these rods at a decent level.

It should be further noted remarkably high sensitivity at a low enough weight that you will agree, is not often. As one of the benefits of this speed building – apparently an important quality in a limited time when, for example, was to rest for a minute, and spinning was at hand.

No matter which of the presented rods in this lineup, you choose, it will be indispensable in many situations. And no matter where or from what place is fishing. With the boat on the course, or on small rivers and streams. A method of fishing for this rod, too, is not clearly a priority.

You can use almost all the charms (special preference may be given to the baits and with them the oscillating spinners). Has proven himself spinning and for fishing of predatory fish species, especially in the thickets of grass. In such circumstances, it is extremely necessary capacity, as well as the stiffness of the rod, and all that this model has.

When testing a spinning rod in different fishing situations, especially brightly it has proved itself in twicing crankbaits weighing about 11-12 grams. Evaluation our friends and professionals at the highest level.

A few constructive moments. System of a spinning Extra fast, or speaking the Russian language «more acceleration». The form of the material IM 9 mark, which indicates the manufacture of high modulus graphite. Light weight which was already mentioned in the beginning of the article (102 grams). Further, the reel seat N-S. the Ring material is SIC. By the way, in the nature of this component in its pure form, is extremely rare. Spinning has two sections. Arm are produced in cork and made out of Eva material.

Model S-602ml more suitable for overgrown, small rivers and copes with the removal of relatively large pike.

The results of the examination, twiching this spinning Bass Mania works great with 90 mm minakami and young grenkami. If we talk about light lure with a weight ranging from 1.2 to 2 grams, here the work is very bad, the experts concur. Here, our experts were unanimous in their opinions. By the way,when the weight of the studied lures (minoski or cranky) start at 2.5 grams, then the cast was quite comfortable and not bad.

Having a large power reserve, spinning allows for fishing with jig lures, the weight of which was equal to 18 grams spinning well they can be carrying much either not falling at the same time. Very pleased with all the experts. If we take the average of the shedau to 50 mm here and there failures.

A brief summary of this model: quite a good rod that works great with lures of medium and heavy weight. Weak to cope with a light bait. Ideal for twitch, but also works well with various lures and jigs.


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