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Among all types of weapons, from different companies, guns James Fart occupy almost the first place in the ranking. If you are fond of gun business and know a lot about the different types and the weapons companies, then you surely know this famous man. There have been many comparisons and tests of different types and kinds of hunting weapons, and it was revealed that guns from the James Purdue is probably the best for the different kinds of parameters. Weapons from this company was well known in our country, and the most interesting is that professional hunters gave their preference and appreciate these items. L P Sabaneev created a note, which stated that among all the London gunsmiths is led by the James Purdue.

Purdue, James (1784-1863) is the main founder of the company, he was the son of a gunsmith, so you can understand that all his childhood and youth he dedicated to weapons, so he was able to achieve the status of highly skilled craftsmen who are not only well versed in weapons, but also knows how to do business. After the Napoleonic war took place, James decided to create his own small production hunting rifles, as the master played himself. At that time there was a real coup, when changing the flint-shock system, shock-capsule. The new invention seemed to many a very important progress in new technologies, as the weight of the weapon is significantly decreased, the trunks became thinner, but did not lose its strength properties as manufactured from the finest materials.

Receiver James Purdue was the son, who was also named James, according to tradition it is called «Junior». In the middle of 1843 he entered the family business, and twenty years after his father died, he took all the company in their hands. Arms production began to rapidly expand, in one year were not less than two hundred and fifty guns. In 1879, it included two sons of James. After some time, the firm decided to rename to «Gasparde and sons.» It is not strange, but the company exists to this day and its name were left untouched, because he received no small amount of popularity worldwide.

Broad prospects for all gunsmiths began to emerge in the moment when they passed the era of the replacement shompolnye weapons kassarani. At that time began to develop the new system, which was tested by experts, of course, not all rifles managed to enter the large-scale production, but you always can if you want to read them, visiting the Museum. John. Purdue Jr. has made a great contribution to the development of arms, that his name is associated with many discoveries in terms of the invention and improvement of various guns. The most popular invention was called the «frame Fart», which was developed in the seventies of the last century. This frame is the last gun, and is intended for connection of one or more trunks with a block. When you close the gun the frame is fixed in the grooves in the hooks of the trunks, and frees the hooks pressing on the home key. Such a device locking mechanism that gives a solid mount, so at some points you completely abandon the locking of the lock at the top. Frame Purdue is used to this day in the development of rifles that are equipped with twin horizontal shafts. Specialists sometimes set frame and on shotguns equipped with vertically paired trunks, because this invention actually turned out to be very convenient and reliable.

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