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F. A. Macko is one of the most famous gunsmiths in the production of domestic variants of piece guns high parsing. Franz Osipovich Macko nationality is Czech, but for a long time lived and worked in Russia. I’m sure many gun experts know the Petersburg masters of the Theft, which at the time was the most popular gunsmith and have produced not only large-scale production, and more time devoted to the individual orders. Franz Osipovich Macko came to him as an apprentice and worked for several years, and since the beginning of 1883, Macko decided to open his own production.

Macko has specialized exclusively in the weapons of high distinction, and such guns at that time enjoyed great popularity, in this regard, to think about mass production, not even had, so Franz only worked on specialized orders. He was engaged in not only production of new weapons, but also altered given old rifles as well as they were sent.

The skilled professional standing in queues, since the master really enjoyed high popularity not only in Russia but also abroad. The popularity to win Matzke was not difficult, as it in fact was a very high technician, with different kind of advice to their customers-hunters, who gladly came to him. At that time was the magazine «Nature and hunting» which appeared in 1885, so it was a lot of notes about this professional armorer. In it, one hunter decided to share their experiences, and this review was really important for Macko, because the reputation instantly began to grow up.

Like most professional gunsmiths, Macko alone is not manufactured trunks, and ordered them in large factories which specialized in metallurgy. After he received the trunks, he put them on their guns, and then made the sale. As we previously wrote, Macko engaged in individual orders, he always assessed the General condition, and then concludes that the order is necessary for all the parameters and features of the gun. The trunks have been produced as a cast or Damascus steel, however, just talking about reliability and durability.

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