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If you are a professional hunter or just interested in hunting rifles, then you are probably familiar with the products, which produced by the famous English firm «Holland-Holland». The name of the company, questions may arise, but still its existence it began, when it was just two owner with the same name. The head of this firm was Harris Holland, who did not belong to the professional in the professional category of weapons, but at the time he was a famous athlete who was involved in the shooting, and often went hunting. In mid-1835, he decided to found in London a small firm called «Holland». This firm specialized in the development shompolnye weapons intended for hunting. The firm really started to flourish only in the hands of Henry Holland, who is the nephew of Harris. Henry first worked as a regular student, gradually becoming a companion, then became one of the main people at the firm. Now the firm still bears the name «Holland-Holland», as created and developed it from two relatives.

At the end of the XIX century, the firm moved to a production rifle, and he devoted a great amount of time and after a while, all these time and cost were justified. Weapons from the company began to rapidly gain popularity. In 1883 in the magazine «the field» was published materials about the famous weapons company, at the time it became a sensation. Firm «Holland-Holland» began to produce weapons of any calibre, it is a good marketing step, as the scope of potential clients has expanded significantly. After some time, the hunters from India and Africa began to order exclusive weapon in the company, which is intended for hunting big and strong animals. The firm’s professionals have long been accustomed to develop weapons for individual orders, but this did not stop large-scale production of other types of weapons.

During the last quarter of last century began large-scale changes in terms of the transition from large-caliber weapons casings were charged with the smoke of gunpowder, at a new development of smokeless powder. The development of new weapons added key features and added power and speed of flight of bullets.

At the beginning of 1907 in India, where for a long time imported products from the company «Holland-Holland», including attended and weapon caliber 450, but after a while it was completely banned hunting. English firms that spetsializiruyutsya for hunting weapons, had to find different ways around this law, as the majority of hunters began to rebel and to put pressure on the company. After some time the solution was found, the company began to create almost identical weapons, only with a slightly smaller caliber, and accordingly such a weapon for hunting was not forbidden, and his power practically remained the same.

At the end of 1886, the company «Holland-Holland», which has had a considerable amount of experience, began to develop a new politologie weapons, which later received the name «Paradox». Such weapons were produced exclusively in serial order, so not many hunters managed to meet him and to check on the hunt. If you decide to go to the Museum, then you will be able to see the weapons from the company Golland Golland, which was implemented in 1888, and there are many options and types of other weapons from this famous company.

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