Browse air rifles Gamo brand of their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

To date, no small popularity has a famous firm called El DIN. Is a Spanish company that was able to successfully establish itself in 1998. At that time, the company was the leader in sales of spring-piston rifles, which could be different from all other air rifles of its significantly lower price, but the quality was high. In those years the most popular pneumatic rifle model MP-512 is the only weapon began to disassemble the buyers and this is not surprising, since the model has a considerable number of advantages, you need to pay attention. In fact, many of the air rifle did not like, and among these people there are experienced professionals who simply underestimated the weapon. The fact is that a pneumatic gun, though cost is not much cheaper, but it shot much worse than the other models that are not so expensive cost. If you start to consider the visual design of the air rifle model MP-512, then you can identify what the Spanish producers view the most close to the European class.

Let’s talk a little about the company Gamo, which is specialized in the production of large-caliber air rifles, so you can immediately determine which among the products are the same type and model, who between them can only visually different, but actually all the mechanisms and all the characteristics are similar. More specifically now we are talking about the same type of parts, for example it could be the slave cylinder, hard pipe, and the same guns. For example, it is possible to disassemble the rifle, which has a series of «hunter», of course this weapon can be attributed to the tipping of the type and in the model under a few more rooms, ranging from two hundred and twentieth eight and ending with the nineties, these rates generally do not affect the characteristics, and indicate only a bundle. All the above models have only minor differences, for example, the differences may be in sighting devices, in the boxes, and also other details. In fact, the differences may be many, but as we previously mentioned, they are minor.

In General, all leads to the fact that every rifle is absolutely identical stuffing. The length of the spring in all the above models of air rifles is thirty centimeters in the case when it is in a compressed state, its total power can reach up to one hundred pounds. The diameter of the working tube is exactly two and a half inches, but the stroke is equal to ten centimeters. Of course, if you are well versed in pneumatic guns, then you will be able to understand that these characteristics are not the best. Piston for a pneumatic gun model MP-512 was produced from carbon steel, and after the parts were in production, producers have had to make cuts drawn pipe. The cuff was very stiff plastic, but in fact he has a level of fragility. The cuff has a certain lining which is equivalent to forty-five units HRC. To the piston is attached with a special fungus that manufacturers also produced individually. And in order that the rifle was formed longitudinal grooves, in such a manufacturing method is milling decided to cancel and instead use a special method of cutting.

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