Bred maggots

Very often fishermen use maggotsas a nozzle for catching many fish ( even predatory ). But, probably, not all know how to dissolve yourself. It needs only a waste of meat, fish or swine manure. There are, however, in this case one small problem. Freshly maggot unpleasant smells, which is not like fishermen. To eliminate this inconvenience in the following way.

In a jar sprinkled with fresh sawdust, are placed on top of the maggots and crockery is put to the light. Maggots immediately goes down. The Bank must times 3 – 4 shake to larvae again appeared on the surface. Each time making his way through the dust, maggot cleanse themselves from the dirt and loses its unpleasant smell. After that, the nozzle is placed in a clean container, pour the bran with the dry sawdust and removed in a cool place.

For breeding maggots will need a piece of fish (head ) or meat (conductor film ). This waste should be put in an open dish, take those out and put in a Sunny place.

As soon as the fly will lay eggs, she, along with fish and meat wrapped in paper and placed in a glass jar. Top Bank is closed and the paper is lowered in a plastic bag ( not crawled larvae ) and placed for 5 days in the shade. If the cover is made of paper gets wet, it needs to be replaced, and the hungry larvae to feed. When the larvae Mature, they shake out on paper, put in plastic box with feed, small meal or flour, cover the box lid with small holes and placed in a cool place with temperature 5 – 10 degrees Celsius.

Also maggots can be extracted from the silo. Each farm prepares for winter silage to feed the cattle. Here and there are maggots – Saloniki. Their favorite place — rotted silage on top of the ground. But this type of nozzle cannot be stored indoors. Room temperature «animates» the maggots, they pupate and fishing is not good. Frost larvae do not survive — they die quickly. The best place for their content is the same silage, is maintained at ten degrees Celsius. Storage box is made from wood with many small holes for air access.

Long-term stored maggot can’t. It quickly pupates and is no longer interested in fish. But the bait can be stored much longer in the Bank from the detergent with sawdust. The lid on the pot must be a lot of fine holes for air circulation. The Bank is tied in a plastic bag and stored in a cool place. In such extreme conditions maggots can not pupate – it is freezing.

In winter, a dead maggot is suitable for fishing is not worse than alive.

In a glass bowl selected larvae that a little more, pour over boiling water, dried on the paper, and poured again in the Bank. Before you tightly cover the pot, you need to add a little linseed or camphor oil. Live maggots will not, but their mummies will be stored for a long time.

If on the hook «to put» live maggots and grasshoppers, fish will take the piece more readily. Skate need to pierce the hook from the head to the abdomen, and maggots to «fasten» next. In such lures can be successfully used maggots with bloodworms, insect larvae from a soft pea, roasted corn with a worm.


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