Bream is a fish of the carp family. It is widely distributed in Northern and Central Europe, in the basins of the Azov, Caspian, Black, Baltic and North seas, inhabits the basins of the rivers Yenisei, Irtysh, Ob, Balkhash lake, Aral sea. You can meet and bream in the waters of the sea of Azov, Aral and Caspian seas. This fish dwells at the bottom of deep creeks, loves not too snag pit with a muddy bottom. Often found in flooded quarries, reservoirs, ducts. Favourite habitats of bream are considered medium and large rivers and large floodplain lakes. If we are talking about the overgrown ponds, the fish in them can be found in areas rich in aquatic vegetation.

Bream reaches a length of 70-80 cm and weight up to 6 kg. his Body high, and the mouth and the head is relatively small. Dorsal fin high, short with 3 hard and 10 soft rays. The long anal fin begins behind the rear base of the dorsal fin. Between anal and pelvic fins is Kiel, not covered with scales. The back of the adult bream brown or gray, belly yellow, sides Golden brown, all the fins are grey, often with dark edges. In the young the color is more silvery.

Puberty bream reaches the age of 4-5 years. On average, a female will lay about 90 000-350 000 eggs. This process occurs when heating the water up to 13-15 degrees. First spawning rushes of small bream, pulled him to the middle, and the end is great. On the body of the male at this time there topologicheskikh many small tubercles, at first white and then yellow. To spawn bream prefer the shallow bays and grassy shallows. The eggs are small, yellow. The spawning season of carp – the process is gregarious and quite noisy.

Bream are biting well right after spawning until mid-June. With the advent of autumn, the biting starts again, but this time it is primarily dependent on weather conditions. The best time for catching bream is the morning from dawn to 10 hours, or a couple of hours before sunset.

In the spring, the most active biting bream occurs in may, as this period is the spawning of the fish. So look for it in this time is required in shallow bays. Bream prefer to stay remote from the banks of the banks of coquina. With the arrival of summer heat, the intensity of the bite is greatly reduced. The best time for catching bream summer is in the morning or evening before sunset, and night. Biting bream in the summer depends on such weather conditions as barometric pressure, and water temperature. In autumn, the biting fish at dawn calms down, but in calm windless weather may last until noon. At this time, the bream starting to come in packs, drifting between the bottom edge and direction. Now he is caught best near the pits and channel parts of the rivers. In the winter the fish continues to feed, but catch her now much more difficult. This is the perfect sections with large depths near the channel.

Bream prefers to stay in flocks in depth in small bays, creeks, and pits with silt or clay soil. In larger rivers, the bream lives in wells with moderate flow in the creeks, steep clayey banks. In shallow water, he goes in search of food at dusk and night. In reservoirs and lakes bream holding deep places, going out to eat to the coastal Bush.

Fishing for bream you can use the bottom and float tackle, feeder. Used plant attachments (pasta, «mash» semolina, different dough, barley) and animals (caddis worm, manure worm, bacon, bloodworms, maggots) origin. Favorite lures bream is boiled potatoes, stewed wheat, peas, steep semolina, meat shells, the Nightcrawlers, the caddis worm, manure worm.

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